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Look More Confident

Updated on January 30, 2015
JohnMello profile image

John Mello is a composer, musician, and author of books for children and adults.


In order to look more confident, you need to put on a show.

Confidence can begin as an act, and if you don't believe that, ask any teacher what it felt like the first time they had to stand in front of a class of children. Ask an actor or performer what it felt like the first time they stepped onto a stage, faced with an audience of people they didn't know and whose reactions they couldn't predict. The only way to fight back the butterflies and get the nerves under control in those kinds of situations is to exude confidence, even if you don't have any.

How can you exude confidence if you don't have any? That's a good question: however, as you'll soon discover, just by acting like you're confident you'll be able to give the appearance of being confident, which in turn will actually work to raise your confidence levels.

Strike a pose to give yourself a confident air
Strike a pose to give yourself a confident air | Source

5 Tips That Will Help You Look More Confident

Confidence is as much about how you feel as how you present yourself to the world. Here are some things you can do that will accomplish both objectives - they'll make you feel good and make you look good at the same time.

Tip No. 1: Perfect Posture

Stand up straight, stand tall and hold your head up. You don't need to look up at the ceiling or the sky, but keep your head level so you're not looking down. Try not to cross your arms or shove your hands in your pockets, and avoid fidgeting. When you hold yourself erect in this way you present a solid and confident image to another person. It's also better for your back, your spinal column, and your health in general.

Standing up straight gives you stature and lifts your confidence levels
Standing up straight gives you stature and lifts your confidence levels | Source

Tip No. 2: Smile at People

Smile as often as possible. It makes other people happy, and it will make you happy too. If you feel like you can't force a smile just like that, try to think of something pleasant in your life, whether it's your children, your partner or that silly thing that happened to you the other day. Smiling is instinctive, which is why babies start to smile at their parents within just a few days of being born.

A smile lights up your face and can make you feel more confident
A smile lights up your face and can make you feel more confident | Source

Tip No. 3: Stay Cool

When you enter a room or an office, walk like you own the place, as if you're in control. Let other people see that you mean business. When you get to where you're going, slow down, relax and breathe slowly and calmly. Take charge by being calm and collected rather than trying to dominate whatever's going on. That way you'll appear super cool and get more respect and admiration.

When you look cool you feel cool, and that's a confidence booster
When you look cool you feel cool, and that's a confidence booster | Source

Tip No. 4: Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact with people when you meet them and when you're speaking to them. This tells the other person that your confidence levels are high and that you have nothing to hide. Balance the amount of eye contact you make by ensuring you don't stare at people. You want them to see you're confident, bold and full of self-belief, but you don't want to frighten them away, do you?

Establish eye contact to show you're strong and have nothing to hide - or fear
Establish eye contact to show you're strong and have nothing to hide - or fear | Source

Tip No. 5: Be Gracious

Confident people can accept compliments and are able to give them as well. That makes sense, because if you're feeling good about yourself you won't have any trouble praising others. Likewise, if you're confident and someone compliments you, it costs nothing to simply say "thank you" and carry on.

More Ways To Quickly Boost Your Confidence Levels

They say confidence comes from within, but there are things you can do to manifest it outwardly as well.

  • Dress in clothes that accentuate your best features - and cover up any of the bits you might not be quite so keen on.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable but give you a bit of additional height, adding to your stature and your perceived importance.
  • Take up space wherever you are. Try not to sit neatly inside a chair with your arms and legs tucked in. Spread out your arms, cross your legs and make your presence felt.
  • Speak clearly and carefully, taking your time to ensure your message is understood. Confident people take their time and make sure their words get their message across.
  • Remember that confidence is not the same as brashness or as being cocky. Sometimes less is more... you'll get more attention if you're reserved and thoughtful than if you're loud and aggressive.

Laughter is contagious and makes you feel great
Laughter is contagious and makes you feel great | Source
  • Laugh when the occasion demands it. Laughter really is the best medicine; it will stimulate the release of feel-good chemicals in your body that should boost your confidence levels even further.
  • Have fun letting the confident you take over for at least some part of every single day, until eventually you won't be able to stop it.

About JohnMello

I'm a freelance writer, author, musician and composer. Visit my self help blog at for lots of freebies.


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