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How to Love Your Job

Updated on July 4, 2011
Love Ur Job
Love Ur Job

How to Love Your Job

Very often you hear of people wanting to change career and jobs to seek the perfect job that they can love. Job opportunities do exist, but my experience is that many people like their job, some tolerate it, but it is a small number that find job they love which supports their Passion and Lifestyle.

Every job has it’s up and down, with pleasant and unpleasant aspects of it. Before taking the step to look for a change, perhaps ask yourself “Will changing job make you happier? If you cannot be in job you love, you can try to love the way you do it.

Concentrate efforts on finding ways to be passionate about how well you do the job and not be passionate about the job. Look at how you can find enjoyment and satisfaction in the way to go through it with a smile, giving it the best and feel good about doing it. The efforts may pay off if you need to make a living, and may probably increase your financial success.

Take some time to think about these questions and the practical steps to help make your work more rewarding.

Ask yourself questions like:

Is it a new direction you need, not a job change?

Is there any change you can make to the way the job is carried out?

Are vaguely defined and addition responsibilities taking you away from doing what you are hired for?

Saying No, to allow refocuses on what you are hired to do?

Love the Job you are in (the way you do it) Tips

1. Communication

  • Let the boss know your achievements and problems. Seek to understand organizational objectives and how and why your work matters. Offer ways to solve problems and keep your boss updated on progress.
  • Listen openly to others and convey relevant information to others in a clear and timely way.

2. Working Relationship.

  • You may meet people who are born complaining and just won’t like work with you or as a Team. Try taking steps to ease the tension over time instead of fretting about it. Check if there is anything you can do for him to win him over.
  • Be self aware of your attitude at work, the way you treat people and even your mood, body language and tone of voice do not go unnoticed, they have deep influence on people you work with. Having this awareness helps you to make choices on how to control the situation.

3. Learn to Delegate

  • You cannot work on everything all the time and by yourself. Learn to delegate some of the routines, ad-hoc clerical work or selected jobs for young employees who are learning the basics and keen on their career development. Plan the assignments well, communicate clearly, create a clear development path, and anticipate their concerns to avoid employee push back when asked to handle basic stuff.

4. Building Teamwork in Workplace

  • Working in teams is a learned skill, learn the basics of teamwork and share your insights and experience with others. Teamwork is good way to doing more with less demands and increase productivity.
  • Build a sense of teamwork. Have a dialogue to understand the problem at hand offer ways to solve it.

5. Seek Feedback on Performance

  • Seek feedback from your boss and co-workers on how to improve performance. Use performance review and feedback positively to increase productivity and boost your career.
  • Perhaps introduce regular meetings to share results & status, and have a conversation with your boss to get agreement and priorities on key assignments.

6. Have A Little Fun

  • Besides you job, balance work with Fun and regularly take time to engage in activities you love to do. Take work lightly from time to time to play when you feel worn out and not yielding very good results.

7. Take Care of Body and Soul

  • Stay healthy. Pay attention to your body and take care of your physical and mental health. Get enough sleep for alertness and energy, eat right for good nutrition, and allocate time to exercise. If you feel lousy, your job performance will be affected.

8. Get a Life

  • Don’t just spend hours and hours attending to daily grind, take time to find your passion and do something you love outside work. People who are involved in activities of their interests outside work make better employees, friends, parents and spouses.
  • For example if you love cooking set time in the evening away from TV to be Chef of the Day or take a part time course to prep and polish your cuisine skills. Schedule celebration time and playtime with people you cherish the most to relax stress and recharge your energy.

From time to time, do ask yourself why you do the job. This awareness will help to give a sense of control over what you are doing and maybe adjust and modify your job expectations leading to greater job satisfaction.

However, sometime it may be time to make a change if the job makes you very miserable. You can start building a new job plan to search for a better one. When looking for your perfect job, don’t just look for things to stay away from, as there are countless ones to avoid, but for good things for you to be happy doing the work.


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