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Magazines for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Updated on July 12, 2020

Essential Magazines for Entrepreneurs

There are a number of magazines published for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but not all of them are worth the expense. Don't spend money on magazines subscriptions that don't help your business grow. This article reviews some of the popular magazines for business owners and evaluates them based on return on investment.


Fortune magazine is household name in business publishing. It is one of the few magazines that non-business owners have heard of, but does reading Fortune raise your business IQ? Does it give a good return on investment?

No, Fortune is not a good investment. The magazine is written for high-level executives in the corporate world, not small business owners. Few of the articles deal with issues that concern entrepreneurs. Its value may be more in its name recognition than in its journalism. If it matters to you to appear wealthy, then subscribing to Fortune can give that appearance, but it won't make you wealthy.

Fast Company

This magazine earns its keep. It is geared more for the high tech set, but has articles important to any entrepreneur, especially on issues of marketing and advertising. Every issue has essential knowledge on how to leverage the internet, social media, and good design for more profits. This magazine earns its keep. Even the advertisements are helpful.


Wired is similar to Fast Company, but not nearly has helpful. For one, you would have to dig through Wired just to find real journalism. The rest of the magazine is filled with macho blurbs about sci-fi movies. In the high tech world, this might be essential knowledge, but in the rest of the business world, it is a waste of ink. Worth the investment? Not hardly.


Don't be fooled by the name. This magazine is just an advertisement scam. You won't gain any real knowledge reading it.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is essential reading for stock brokers and financial planners, but if your business is local, then it only helps you insofar as it gives you insight into national economic trends. I once heard that people who want to get rich read the Wall Street Journal, while those getting rich read the business section of their local paper.

Finally, there are a number of free or near free options. The New York Times website has a small business blog which often has sage advice from real business owners. Their Corner Office series interview CEOs of large business, and they often share wisdom about being a boss that can help someone new to the role.

Your local paper likely has a free website and blog that will give insight into local issues. Some interest groups, such as your local Chamber of Commerce offer free newsletters that deal with local issues that could affect your business. Your local paper, likewise may have a business magazine supplement that either publishes with the paper or as a separate periodical. If you run a local business, read local news.

Depending on your business, there are often trade magazines, newsletters, blogs, and websites that give industry news. What might be most helpful in these publications is the ads. You can see what services are being offered, by whom, and sometimes at what price. Some quick comparisons could save your business from overpaying.

Return on investment isn't just about dollars. When you take time to read something for your business, you are taking time. Don't waste your time on publications that don't expand your knowledge base.


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