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Make Money Doing Small Tasks Online: CrowdFlower

Updated on November 21, 2014

A lot of companies and large firms require human skills and ability to complete small errands and tasks and CrowdFlower provides users to work and run those tasks online and make money out of it. If you want to make money instantly by just doing little jobs then CrowdFlower is the perfect platform for you.

How do you usually make money?

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What is different about CrowdFlower?

Most of the online ways of making money includes writing lengthy articles, blogs and then it takes a long time to built a stability there and the amount of money we earn usually depends upon the traffic and views that we receive in the articles we right. Therefore, it takes a long time to make money out of it.

CrowdFlower on the other hand is one sites where various tasks are available for users to run and one can just select those tasks and read the instructions given and follow that task. After the task in complete, which could just take few minutes, the amount is paid instantly. The payment can be made via paypal and the minimum amount one can withdraw is just $1.

What Kind of Tasks does one do in CrowdFlower?

The types of tasks depends. It may be a task where a link to a site is given and one have to verify certain details like whether the page is a blog or a news site, or verify the name of the author, etc. There may also be tasks where images are given and certain details should be filled using the image. For instance, a picture of a bill may be provided and one may simply have to fill the amount in the bill.

There are levels in which the users can reach and the type of tasks also depends upon the levels you achieve. Once you join, you are in a zero level and minimum amount of task is available. Once you complete 100 tests questions with an accuracy level of 70%, you are promoted to level one where more tasks with more payment will be available. Once you reach the accuracy level of 80%, you are promoted to level two and with an accuracy level of 85%, you get a level three, which isn't hard to achieve.

The tasks given are very simple so one doesn't have to be an experts on anything to complete these tasks, one only needs to be human. It requires basic human intelligence.


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