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Make Money Online Parking Unused Domain Names

Updated on September 5, 2013

What is a Domainer?

A domainer is a person who buys or registers domain names with the intent to sell them on at a later date. A domainer will choose very carefully the domains that he/she registers based on current market and search trends. A very savvy domainer can make hundreds of pounds on just one very carefully chosen domain name.

This may sound like an easy way to make money online but it is a waiting game and your success relies on your understanding of current trends. Money isn't going to pour in straight straight away and you may be stuck with an unused domain name for a couple of years before someone realises it's value and will pay top notch for it, so what can you do in the interim?

Whilst the domainer is waiting for the domain names to become sought after he/she can park them and make a residual income that at worst will cover the registration fee and at best make a nice little side income.

What is parking?

Parking is a way of making money through advertising on a dormant domain name. You need to register with one of the many major domain parking companies (google "domain parking" for a list of companies) and upload a list of your currently unused domain names.

The parking company will then create a web page with targeted advertisements and place that page on your domain name.

For example, if you have bought and someone searches for 'make easy money online', chances are they will be redirected to your domain name which now hosts a page full of advertisments that have all been carefully chosen to reflect your domain name by the parking company. Whilst the searcher wont get an actual website about 'making easy money online' they will find a page full of other useful relevant links and you will earn money each time they click (much like the ad earnings programme on HubPages). The parking company benefit by taking a percentage of the ad revenue and your payment is typically paid by PayPal when you reach an earnings limit. Sound Familiar?

Quality or Quantity?


You wont make much on just one or two domain names, especially if the domain is obscure. Choose wisely, what is trending at the moment? What do people search for the most? Work this out and you have a better chance of making money on relevant domain names.

Additionally, the amount of money you make per click depends on the type of ad clicked on. This is where choosing your domain names is again important, choose something that is relevant to a big company who are likely to pay more for ad bids.

Some clicks will earn more than others, more relevant domains = more marketable ads. The revenue can add up quickly if you choose well.

If you already own a lot of domains and they are not being used then it makes sense to park them until you need them, even if you only get a few clicks those clicks may at least cover your registration fee.

How does it work?

Firstly buy/register your domains - you don't have to have them with the same company that you park with, shop around.

Some parking sites are better than others and can offer you more control over your parked site and the ads displayed on them. Some allow you to customise your parked page and some basic on site SEO giving you more flexibility and helping you to attract search engines.

When you have chosen your parking site, register and add the domain names, customise if you have the option and that is it. Minimum effort, minimum spend and the rewards could be great - IF you have chosen the right domain.

© 2013 mooboomoo


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    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 4 years ago from USA

      I see this all the time, but I've never bought a domain from somebody. I think I just feel mad when I see that they bought a domain and parked it just to resell it.

      Maybe I'm jealous that I didn't think of it first LOL