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Big Crumbs: How To Make Money Online With BigCrumbs Shopping Portal to do Internet Buying!

Updated on January 9, 2011

Scenes from the Website

The pictures here and below are representative of the overall website look and feel.
The pictures here and below are representative of the overall website look and feel.

A little about shopping portals

The title claim sounds a bit hard to believe, and I'm usually skeptical. But in this case, Monique and I have already been using a similar shopping portal, and getting checks from them, for several years. Not much, but something. This one's a little different, though. We found out about Big Crumbs through the eBay Powerseller Forums. Several of the powersellers mention getting some very nice side income from Big Crumbs, and Monique brought it up to me one day. We share the work in some things, but we each also have our specialty. Researching potential profits online (non-eBay) is more or less my department.

Just to clarify, a shopping portal is a website that accumulates a large list of retailers (like Wal-Mart, Books a Million, etc) and gets them to give a discount to customers linking from the portal's website. The retailers benefit because more buyers find them and spend money. The portal benefits based on the arrangements they make with the retailers. And the shoppers (that's us!) benefit by getting discounts, and just plain old MONEY from the portal website. Different shopping portals offer differing incentives.

Ongoing Income

So, here I am telling you about it. You're probably thinking "He wouldn't be writing about it if he didn't like it." Yep... I like it. Several of our eBay acquaintances make around $150 - $350 per month with it. Others not that much, but still make something. The main reason I prefer Big Crumbs over the shopping portal we previously used? Ongoing referral payments. We used to get a one-time sign-up bonus from our previous shopping portal. Big Crumbs pays out differently. Every referral you sign up will earn you money forever, every time they use Big Crumbs. Thinking about it, I'd rather get ongoing income.

Do the work once, get paid forever? I like that!

Some of the Retailers

Who Can I Buy From?

I'm sure you understand by now- log in to Big Crumbs, do your shopping, and get money back. Sign people up, and when they shop through Big Crumbs, YOU get paid for their shopping. Now that we're clear on that, below are some details about how it works:

Cash Back Shopping Your Way
A very small list of companies you can shop from through Big Crumbs include:
Wal-Mart, Kmart, eBay, Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Urban Outfitters,, Aeropostale,, HP, Adidas, Advance Auto Parts, American Eagle Outfitters, American Greetings & Blue Mountain, Apple Store, AT&T Wireless, Babies R Us, Books A Million...
You get the idea - I just mentioned a few highlights. There's a fabulous selection of major name stores and brands to pick from. You should click on the link and see the huge list for yourself.

Friendly community and active forum

Big Crumbs is free to join. They have an excellent community with a friendly and active forum. Within 5 minutes of signing up, there were already three people offering to 'friend' me. As far as I can tell, there's no benefit other than just being friendly. It was nice to be welcomed to the community that quickly.

I also enjoy the forums. The posts are not only for Big Crumbs, there's a lot of advice for eBayers there as well.

How much can I save?

You never pay extra - it's the same websites you would have gone to without Big Crumbs. Except you get money back because you logged in to Big Crumbs first! How much money? The amounts vary depending on available coupons and specials, but each retailer has a percentage by it's icon. For instance, Kmart offers 3.112% cash back. Skype offers 32% cash back. has 8%. (At the time of this writing)

Every little bit adds up. And you get paid once a month, every month you have $5.00 or more earned. That's a pretty low payout requirement, making it very easy to pick up a little money.

How do I get paid?

How do they pay?  There are 2 choices.  Either a direct payment made to your Paypal account, or a prepaid Mastercard credit card.  Either way, the money gets paid into your account electronically.  No delays, no mail, just get paid! 

Either choice has it's benefits, but they seem to especially recommend the prepaid Mastercard.

Are you a seller with eBay, Etsy, or Amazon?

I also want to mention, they have special arrangements with eBay.  Not only do you get a discount as a buyer, but as a seller, they link your eBay store to their own site.  So you have an added venue for your items to be seen (and bought) from.  Same with Etsy, and even Amazon store sellers.  At no charge to you!

Some basic questions found on the FAQ:

Does shopping through cost more?
No. Never

Is There Anything Different When I Shop Through
No. Your shopping experience is exactly the same as if you went directly to the retailer.

Does Need My Credit Card Information?
No. Your shopping is completely between you and our featured retailers. We never see your credit card information, nor do we need it. We are only notified of your purchases so that we may credit your account.

Referring - How Can I Make Money?
Simply refer friends, family, and co-workers to (no spamming!) and you'll earn cash every time they save money by shopping through our site.
You will also earn cash when the referrals of your direct referrals shop.

How Do I Get Credit For Referrals?
Simply ask your referrals to enter your member name (BigCrumbs User ID) when they register. That's it!
... in my case, that would be 'crewman6'... :^)
You can also use our Referral Wizard to quickly create e-mail invitations containing links to When your friends click the link to and join, you'll be automatically credited with the referral.

Also, under your account information, they have a tool that helps design several types of referral links and widgets.

The User Interface

Big Crumbs has a very clean and neat interface. It may take a little getting used to, but if you click around and read a bit, it's really pretty simple. They don't clutter it up with unneeded information. The basics are all covered. Seems to be a very practical approach, with the added benefit that the web connection is quick to load pages when you click.

Overall, it's a very pleasant experience. Very nice to see a website that doesn't overdo the complexity. And nicer to have a functional interface that operates smoothly.

Account Screen after only 4 days!

Our first 'Crumb'
Our first 'Crumb'

4 Days Later

I just had to add this - it's 4 days after writing this hub. We've already earned our first cash back... 86 cents! I know that's not a lot of money, but hey, I only JUST signed up! These things start small and build over time.

Monique and I also have our first 4 signups... and one of them has a referral already signed up.

This happened in our first 4 days - I'm well pleased. Thought you might enjoy seeing that it actually works like it's supposed to! To the right is a picture of our Big Crumbs "My Account" screen. You can click on it to see full size for details.

If you sign up...

I would like to ask you to use my name (crewman6) when you sign up. It doesn't cost anything, my percent as referrer is never taken from you, and I would appreciate it, if you wind up trying Big Crumbs because of me.

If you'd rather not, that's cool too. Either way, give Big Crumbs a try - Even if it's only for the discounts to your own online shopping. I know from experience, those add up, and it's nice to get money back now and then.

... But it's even nicer to get paid when other people shop!

How many of us have used Shopping Portals?

Do you already use a shopping Portal, or have you previously?

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    • Crewman6 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks Audrey. You know, every time I write a hub, I worry that I missed something, or wasn't clear enough. Your feedback makes me feel much better about it!

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 

      8 years ago from Washington

      Wow - that is really interesting and will have to check it out now! Thanks for the well written hub on it as well - sometimes folks writing these do not clearly instruct those of us who are blond and we spin our little wheels trying to 'get it'. I totally got this! Maybe I got a fresh shipment of brain cells this week!


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