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How To Make Money From Yahoo! Answers

Updated on August 2, 2011
Make Money With Yahoo! Answers
Make Money With Yahoo! Answers

How To Make Money With Yahoo Answers

Yes, You can make money through Yahoo Answers, though the Yahoo Answers is social question & answers website and do not provide any option for monetizing your questions or answers. But still you can make money with Yahoo Answers.

To start making money with Yahoo Answers, all you need to have Yahoo Account and your Blog or Website.

First you need to understand, what is your website category or on what topic you write for. And then select your Yahoo Answers category. For general topic blogger like me, it is really hard to define a category, so in spite of choosing one niche category choose from three or four niche categories. Some of the popular categories are FInance, Internet, Health and Sports

Now answer the question like normally from your niche category. Now provide your website link at the end of your answers. That's it.

As this will provide you traffic, from Yahoo Answers. Hence automatically converts into the money. One more thing to cheer, you are getting backlinks from Google PR website.

Tips for Answering Questions on Yahoo Answers
1. Only answer the question whom you can answer, not for making backlinks.
2. Answer in easy and understandable language.


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    • profile image

      Alan 6 years ago

      Hey there,

      Just wanted to point out that if you want the link going back to your site to actually stay there, then make sure you reach level 2 first. Do this by providing REAL and USEFUL content to the YA community first. You do not want to be a spammer.

      The easiest way to do so is by using a Yahoo Answers software, in which I'll tell everybody right now that it can literally shave hours off your work. Try out

      Best of luck fellow YA marketers :D