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Make a Million Dollar Online Without Any Investment

Updated on December 28, 2016

Million dollar opportunity that is just right for you

Internet, since its beginning has opened a plethora of opportunity for common people. It has quadrupled ever since web 2.0 came into existence. Web 2.0 gave common men and women included me and you to take advantage over internet technologies. If you are wondering what the hell is web 2.0, just relax. It just means that the web now gives the website visitor an opportunity to contribute content to the web. Web visitor is not just a casual witness. In fact, he/she is an active participant on the web.


Web 2.0 gave rise to many business opportunities There are several platforms now which can be used to create content and get rewarded for the contribution. Hubpages is one of them in publishing stream. There are a lot more.

Today, we are going to peep into a different platform where you can create an account for free and get rewarded for few minutes of work. You don't need to create pages of content or create videos etc. Its simple and easy. But it pays too.

I know you will be eager to know about it. The platform is called teespring. As the name says, the platform is related with tshirts.

How to make money ?

The process of making money via teespring is very simple. I would highly recommend you to read the whole article before proceeding further.

Steps to make money

  1. Join the website
  2. Create new campaign
  3. Upload your design or design using the template provided
  4. Set the price and launch the campaign
  5. Promote the campaign via facebook etc
  6. Get paid for sales

Understanding the process:

As a member of teespring platform (free to join), you create custom design tshirts for sale. Each tshirt is termed as a campaign. You will be creating campaigns and uploading the custom design. You can design front and back. Also you can specify the type of tshirts - premium, hoodies etc. The whole process of creating custom tshirt takes hardly 10 minutes. You can set the price to sell and launch the campaign. You can also specify when to end the campaign.

Once the campaign is launched, a sales page is created for the campaign at website. You dont need to worry about collecting payments or creating physical tshirts. It is handled by teespring.

Have anyone made money from teespring ?

  • Yes, Glyn Williams, a 51 year old have made $2 million in 2015 alone by launching tshirt campaigns at teespring.
  • Over 20 sellers have broken $1 million in sales.

Summarizing you create a free account, upload your design, send traffic to sales page and get paid.

How to join :

Join now and get paid soon


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