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Making Additional Money Through Adsense or Other Online Advertising Programs

Updated on August 22, 2011
Figuring out how to spend your time in a way that produces the largest amount of online revenue is a bit like putting together a giant puzzle - the pieces are simple enough, but it takes a whole lot of time and effort just to move them into place
Figuring out how to spend your time in a way that produces the largest amount of online revenue is a bit like putting together a giant puzzle - the pieces are simple enough, but it takes a whole lot of time and effort just to move them into place

HubPages has made it possible for thousands of writers to generate money using Adsense and other affiliate programs without having to possess any prior knowledge of their own in the field. After spending a couple of months working away on your Hubs and seeing some results, you will probably begin to seek other ways to make money through AdSense or other affiliate programs. Although many enjoy the idea of earning annual profits for every piece you write, selling article assignments online to paying webmasters and informational websites is a very direct way to see some returns on the work you put out there.

Expanding your Earnings Beyond the Hub

With the HP platform, anyone who is able to produce content based around a subject of interest can potentially earn some decent money through Adsense or any of the other participating affiliate networks without ever having to learn anything about SEO or internet marketing/affiliate marketing. Unless you are one of the many of us who only came to Hubpages after learning the business through work on their own site, branching out to more profitable means can be a very tricky process, especially if you don't know what you should be doing.

Essentially, Hubpages is a website that already possesses a substantial amount of authority with Google and other search engines. By allowing writers to post their content on HP and earn a portion of the profits, online entrepreneurial writers are able to skip some of the steps necessary to promoting their own website or building a reputation among the community for the topics they write about. Still, using a combination of your own registered domains and the Hubs that you have or will write in the future to increase traffic is a great way to start earning some serious residual income.

Creating your own website is the initial step towards increasing the amount of money you make through advertisements that many choose to make, either before or after they join HubPages. Keep in mind that a new article on a new site will have trouble ranking for any search terms initially, but you can still use links from your popular hubs and other posts to attract some direct traffic and build a following.

The instant gratification that you receive in the form of a surge of viewers the first couple of days a Hub is posted will no longer exist, but as your domain grows in age and link domain, you will begin to see some steady traffic coming from various search engines, and all the profits generated through advertisement will be 100% yours to keep. Additionally, search engines tend to rank an original domain with a quality article and backlinks higher than a hub that focuses on the same keyword over time.

Using the social networking aspects included in Hubpages, Twitter, Facebook, or any other website to promote your Hubs or personal webpage is a great way to attract a little bit of extra attention. One great aspect about this form of internet marketing is the fact that it will begin to market itself as your business profiles friends or user-base increases.


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    • PaulPd0 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Really appreciate the feedback Gr8Biz!

      I'm just recently beginning to incorporate hubpages into my writing so I apologize for not responding much sooner - look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    • Gr8BizReviews profile image


      7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Very Insightful article. Great advice for all of those started out on these networks and trying to figure out the concept of what is going on here. Thanks lot and it will be our pleasure to be your first follower. We look forward for more posts from you.

      The team at Gr8BizReviews


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