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Making Money by Helping People

Updated on June 11, 2010

Solving Poblems

Do you have to be an Expert to make money over the Internet? No, in fact a lot of experts have lost sight of the practical "Problem Solving" that people need in lieu of corporate politics or profit restraints such as HMO Health Insurance. Where a doctor has 4.5 minutes to see a patient.

There is definitely a place for expertise and the difference between a expert or someone with experience can be a wide gap. The Internet is one area a average person who has experience or passion in a specific venue can use to make money and help others. The digital age has made this possible with the invent of the Internet.

This is a quote from a prominent Internet Marketer "It is predicted that by February 2010, the sale of information on the Internet will overtake the sales of gambling and the 'adult' industry added together" something which will solve a future problem. eg. how to handle debt, live healthily etc.

Another factor that can temporarily boost the interest in both moneymaking and problem solving is the economies. This is not isolated just to the United States it is now spread throughout the world. There are a lot of problems out there and you don't have to be an expert to know that.

Keys to Success

You might think is is Hard to make money in this area. I have come across a few "Key" things from the past. The basics are still in even though the world would like to make everything so complex.

Health, Financial, Self Help and Spiritual are the heavy hitters when it comes to problems these days. What hasn't changed is the value of Fair, Honest, Trust and Equitable. Viral marketing is based on this and so is your success.

In this age you would be a needle in a hay stack and people would refer you in a second without any payment due.

The Internet has provided the framework to supply a platform for Problems to Meet Solutions and a opportunity for people with experience to make money. At Bigg Bucks Online there are general categories which which will be filled with your "Niche" if you find this type of business appealing.

We are taught to believe that we are just average and the folks at the top are experts. Well, we know some folks at the top are Ripoff experts and that has created a lot of problems for the so called "Average" person. If you take the time I bet you can find something you have that can solve another's problem.


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