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Making Money Online - Fiverr

Updated on May 5, 2013

So your wanting to make money online?

I suppose most people want to make a little extra money on the side, especially if they can do it fairly easily whilst working from home. There are a number of websites out there that offer you work from home but sadly many are scams. Your never going to be able to get rich quick working on little jobs from home, and sadly you will still have to put in the work to get the money. But that being said you can make a nice small side income if your willing to put in a little bit of time. is one of the most popular and most well known mini-job sites on the internet. It is simple to use, easy to get started and you may be surprised how quickly the jobs will start rolling in. Obviously you still have to provide a service people want and you have to do it to a good standard so your ratings stay up which will encourage others to buy your services. Plus you may even gain return customers.


My stats so far

So I have only been a member since the end of April. I started by offering 3 gigs and then upped it to 7 in mid June. Here you can see how many gigs I sold each month and how much revenue it made me.

The Figures

Number of gigs sold
Amount Made $
Amount made in £ (approx)
(took month off due to holidays)
Total for 2012
£340 approx

How it works

Essentially you decide what you are willing to do for $5. It can really be anything, from providing images, completing reviews, designing logos, making videos or proof reading. You will have a right laugh looking at some of the things people are offering to do on there. But if you are serious about making some money then you need to offer serious services that many people will be interested in, some of the big hitters are video testimonials and logo/web designs.

So what you need to do first is sign up to the site and get yourself a nice little account. You can then start listing your gigs (mini-jobs) that you are willing to offer for $5. You can add images of your work and even upload a video to help interest people. You will also need to set a time limit on how long you think the job will take you. Don't cut yourself short just to try and get the jobs as any late gig, even if you delivery the job, can be canceled by the buyer and you won't receive payment.

At first I listed providing blog posts on my blog to help companies and sites advertise, writing guest post for other peoples sites and providing reviews for products and services. These were all things I already provided through my blog. After being on there for a month or so, and doing fairly well selling blog posts, I decided to add some editing and proof reading gigs as well - and this has proved pretty popular.

Once you receive an order you will be emailed a confirmation and you can start working on your gig once you are ready. When you done you confirm you have completed it and send back any work (if you need to). The buyer then confirms the work has been completed and you wait for your payment to clear.

Once you have received enough orders and good feedback you will be able to add extras to your gigs which will enable you to make more money from your gigs.

How the money works

Although each gig is charged at $5, Fiverr takes $1 commission from each gig you sell. So you essentially earn $4 per gig. They also take 20% of any extras you manage to sell. Although this is quite a high percentage, more than a lot of other mini gig sites, they are a very popular and well known site so you have the potential to get far more work on then other mini-gig sites.

Of course paypal will also take a small percentage when you cash the money out too.

The secrets

One of the key things is not to offer gigs that will take you too much time as they will not be worth the money. A post write up will usually take me around 20mins so earning $4 for 20 minutes is a decent wage. But offering to build a whole website for $5 is obviously not a very lucrative job as it will take you a long time. These need to be jobs you can do easily, in your spare time. If you are a wiz at design then making a logo can be done in a few minutes and you can easily do a number of them in an hour.

I have also read that a number of people have had their accounts shut down - for no apparant reason - and lost any money left in their account. Because of this I made the decision to pull out my cleared funds frequently and in small amounts. Instead of letting your funds accumulate to a high figure, consider removing them overtime you reach a smaller figure like $20. That way if you ever lose your account you should only lose a smallish figure instead of everything.

The up-sides

  • The site is well know - meaning more people visit it to buy gigs, the site receives thousands of hits a day
  • The site is easy to use and has a simple layout, making it appealing to more people
  • You can provide any service you want (aside from adult services!) and work from the comfort of your own home
  • The funds are paid in to your paypal on a regular basis - no minimum payout is needed

The down-sides

  • Money takes around 2 weeks to clear, so you won't get any payout for a few weeks
  • take 20% of your earnings
  • There is a lot of competition on the site
  • can shut down your account and withhold any funds left in it, if it believes you have breeched its T&C's

Comparisson was the first of the mini-job sites I joined and so far has been far more lucrative for me. I am on around 4 other sites offering the same gigs and have only sold 4 of 5 gigs in total on them combined, nothing compared to my success on fiverr so far. I really would advise you sign up to first over some of the other sites out there as it is so well established.


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