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Making Money Online with LinkShare

Updated on April 4, 2012

A bit about LinkShare

The LinkShare corporation provides e-commerce businesses with a vast array of online marketing services. Such services include things like,

  • Search Marketing (SEM)
  • Lead Generation
  • And even affiliate marketing

Advertisers in the LinkShare network can increase their online sales by taking full advantage of LinkShare's massive marketing network. Thus making it easy for advertisers and publishers (affiliates) to retain new customers, increase their revenues and drive the results they so desire.

Some of the LinkShare clients include Fortune 500 companies,, Avon, and even J.C. Penny. LinkShare was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City.

Why LinkShare?

With the online market continuing to evolve at such a fast pace, affiliates are turning to LinkShare for a passion in driving results, income, innovative technology and their experience. Everyday people are joining the LinkShare network and are choosing to utilize the tools and technologies to build their businesses. When you decide to join the LinkShare community you have the opportunity to build lasting and profitable relationships with some of the top brands in the world. No matter what your business model may be, there is an opportunity awaiting you with LinkShare.

A LinkShare affiliate can have any type of platform they choose to advertise with. Even if you are just a blogger starting out, you to, can utilize LinkShare with banners, text ads and more.

So whatever your "niche" may be, LinkShare has a company out there ready for you to promote! Check them out today and learn more!


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      santhosh 6 years ago

      Awesome blog! Thanks for sharing this info. I will visit your blog again to check your new