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Making Money With Google...The Free-Way To Everything Google

Updated on May 31, 2012

Make Your Presence Known With Googles Help!

Be inspired by the awesome beauty and wisdom
Be inspired by the awesome beauty and wisdom | Source

Free Way To Everything Google

Making Money With Google...The Free-Way To Everything Google

See below info on hubpages terms of use. It explains how hubpages ad impression sharing works. Hubpages ranks well with google, plus they have an earned reputation which enables writers to gain rank in our vast cyber space. Which is favorable for traffic. It's a better option here, than other sites, from what I have found. No matter what you do you still have to advertise in sensible ways. There are many rules with each site you must adhere to.

The best place to start is with your gmail accounts, and google adsense account. Gmail, and google voice are great. From the adsense account you make your ads, and place them everywhere you are. Usually 3 per page. Three different types. Text/Image, and Text ads can be placed strategically all over a page. Sidebars are a good place for skyscraper ads, and text ads up top, or bottom of page.

Also be careful not to violate google adsense terms. They do not look favorably on 3rd party software, and sites that increase traffic. They will terminate/freeze/suspend your account. You also cannot add other 3rd party code on the same pages/sites your adsense is placed. Be sure to read all the terms with google. You cannot click on your own ads anywhere. They track IP's so don't do that. It's a fast way to get suspended. You also cannot ask people to click on your ads. Google picks up patterns of behavior.

You can make some money though, after you build things right, and gain rank through time, and effort. You have to be willing to be patient, and consistent with as much creation, and placement as you can fit into your schedule. Until it gains rank, (whether hubpages or website/blog/etc) it's not going to make very much. Google will only pay at the threshold of $100.00.

Your job is to increase the adsense activity legitimately according to the terms of use. Being consistent is the key. Not giving up is why you will make money. If you build it... they will come. If you build it solid, they will come back too. You want to keep them as a visitor, who comes back time and time again. Which would be the main basis for spending all this time, and making all this effort in the first place. Practice makes perfect, or at least close to it.

It's pretty simple once you are used to it, and you formulate your routine, and schedule. I wanted to add this to avoid any confusion: I choose hubpages, and my own sites, blogs, and more because I know it's safe, professional, and productive to be here. I have not had any problems or issues setting it up this way. It went very smooth, and is earning money. I won't say it was easy, but once built, you're done. Then you begin to tell people about what you built. Create interest, and you will be able to know what works, and what doesn't. You can also implement analytics with google, to track the productivity.

I hope this information helps, and guides you safely. The hard work you put into it, will pay off in the end. I also use amazon, but my adsense makes more than that. I did sell a lot on amazon, but I made more on adsense. The adsense for content is my highest earning section of adsense. The bottom line is you need a lot of clicks to earn, and you have to cause this to happen without breaking the rules.

I can tell you from experience, google is the best place to build everything. It's stable, secure, safe, and of course king of the internet. You can literally do anything on google. Including architecture, drawing, art, documents, presentations, business plans, and so much more. I find it so amazing, and so much better than ALL the programs I have used over the years. It does everything word, and all microsoft programs does, but better, and it never freezes, and it saves everything as you are creating it.

Many sites allow you to build free web sites, and host them for free too. That's where you would start with your external sites from hubpages. The idea is to have both, or all working with your google account. It can be integrated together by link placement, and page placement. I advertise my hubs on my sites, and visa versa. They all work together. I manage over 88 gmail/emails for advertising in ads. They too all go to one main place, in my gmail/email. All emails are forwarded to my main gmail/email. All my business calls go to my invoice inbox, (google/voice). All of my documents are in my gmail/email main address. I also have a private Intranet Database (also created and built on google) for all my associates to work from, and grab documents they need. Anyone can call me from my web sites, with my google/voice account. You add the code for the number, once you set it up. I have tried a lot of what's out there, and found google to be the best of the best. Plus most of it is free. I have not found the need to pay for anything yet.

You never stop building sites. You just keep going. You secure as many free domain names as you can, you should also have at least one real purchased domain name, from (for example) godaddy. They are the best as far as I have experienced. You will need a real domain address for your account to be accepted into google. From there you can add as many websites as you can build. You only need the main domain name to set up the account. Making sure you renew it every year, to insure your google account remains active.

Blogs, forums, web sites, ads on free sites, and emails to friends and associates. All emails need permission to be sent to your friends, etc. You should ask people first, then proceed to send. Never send emails from ads you see on free advertising sites. It is considered spam. In your gmail account, you should utilize your "report spam" button, any time you receive spam. This way it will be logged in gmail, and you won't be bothered by them again. Also you want to use the "report phishing" selection, (top right arrow to reply/forward).

Phishing would be an email that has a link in it, which is disguised as something else. Raise your mouse over it, and view the actual URL, it goes to at the bottom on your browser. DO NOT CLICK it, this is how they hack you, give you a virus/worm, steal from you, or grab your private info off your computer. Never click on them, click the report phishing selection, and report it immediately. Gmail/google records everything, it will help you, and everyone by doing this.

The ultimate goal is to have many sites working for you. Hubpages, web sites, blogs, forums, free ads, and emails all bring traffic, and then they tell their friends and so on. It has to be interesting, helpful, desirable, and fresh with content. Adding things to your sites, like news, weather, write ups, and stories with specific keywords is beneficial to increase traffic, by way of keyword search on google. Google will bring them right to you, if you do everything right. You are building your web, within the web, and once rooted, you will gain rank through the google crawls, indexing, algorithms, among other things. Once you have many sites built, you can then verify them, with Meta Tags, and start using analytics on google.

You pick some main names of what you do, or what your product is. You focus on the nucleus of sites you build. Then you expand from there, to build more sites, and add your google adsense variety of ads. Typically 3 types of ads should appear on each page. Text/Image ads, Thin lined Text ads, and and 4-5 tier Text ads. The text/image ads are great, colorful, and animated. They work well, the text/link ads are placed in small spaces like side bars, at the top or bottom of sites, and around other content. Getting it to look right is the key. You have to pick/design templates being mindful of where you will be placing your ads. Many of the free hosting sites, have their own adsense that will also appear with yours. Unless you go premium, that's the way it works.

Most people think google is complicated, it's actually not. I think that it's incredible vastness, overwhelms people into thinking it's complicated. Once you are working within google, I can assure it is the easiest, most logical, sensible method of building an empire. From mail, documents, web sites, blogs, forums, phone numbers, presentations, templates, power point, and so much more...There is nothing you can't do with google. I have a vast array of sites, and more all integrated together on google.

You can literally build an entire business on google. Whether it's a retail store, law firm, web business, and more, you can do all of it on google, and have everything in one place. It's totally automated, with email notifications, and spreadsheets, forms, and more. It's way too vast to list all of it here. You have to dive in and experience it to get the full picture.

I use no outside, 3rd party programs, only google...for everything I have to do. All of my reps, and associates are also on gmail/google. Each one has a free google voice number, they use for ads being placed. You can forward the calls to as many numbers as you like, it is so incredible, I can't stop talking about it. Never loose another business number/contact again! Awesome is an understatement.

All my hubs are written in google docs, then copied and pasted into the hubs, as I build them. It helps to speed up the birth of the hub, and additional capsules being added. The quicker you get things published, (through time) the more you will build, and the more you will make. You are trying to achieve vastness as well as a stable presence on the web. Your own web, within the web is what will bring you traffic. Rich, fresh, interesting content, and visuals are the key. Stale content is something you will learn as you go, through using analytics, it will show you what is working, and what is not. Affording you the insight, and opportunity to correct it, change it, and make it better. Learn as you go, it's really the best way to imprint it on your brain.

Most people think you have to pay for all of this. The fact is, you don't. Although I did buy many domain names, I didn't have to. I really only needed one to be able to have my adsense account, and then teaming up with hubpages is/was an enhancement to my goals. Hubpages is very interactive, supportive, protective, and professional with it's writers. You can actually feel safe at hubpages, and know you have a group of people around you that are genuine. Although nothing is perfect, they are my top choice to be with, and to be connected to. As mentioned earlier, everything connects to everything, all in one place. It makes it easy for me to monitor traffic, hits, clicks, impressions, and more.

You also want to track your stats, which you can place code from the host themselves, or from google, at the bottom of your pages. That way you have additional stat counters monitoring everything. I actually use many, because I like to compare them to each other. This way I can be sure they are accurate. I have found faulty stat counters, so don't use just any pick. Pick ones that are ad free, or free and reciprocal. Meaning they reciprocate back to you.

Using google automated forms, is by far the most favorite with me. I have never loved a program more than this. The forms are created by me, adding appropriate questions to the form, in which the customer clicks on choices, then enters their contact information. All of the data entered goes right to a spreadsheet automatically. The spreadsheet is then shared with the specific person in charge of that area. They check the sheets daily for new people to help. I cannot say enough good things about these options I have personally utilized. I'm trained on all the other programs out there, and I like this one the best. It really is awesome, and I love the automation that it has. It tells me, instead of me having to check in so many areas. No matter where I place the forms, all the data goes to the spreadsheet instantly.

I was never a secretary, it wasn't my main expertise. The reason I mention that is because even without those skills, I was able to do this. What I have built, is so vast, I could never possibly manage it without utilizing google. Google gave me every tool I needed, for free. Once you start making money, you can always add more things, or even pay services. To get started though, you can do all of it for free, (with one domain name, which is under $12).

As I find new and exciting things on google, I will add them to the hub for everyone to benefit from. See links to many created items on google below. Feel free to ask questions, as I could not possibly list everything in the hub. I will add links to the free sites who offer hosting for free too. Meanwhile get busy creating hubs, on hubpages, which will help you get your feet wet, and grow some roots on the web. The community will be able to help you, and you can ask all kinds of questions in the forums, and blogs, everyone here is really awesome, and helpful. The sharing of knowledge, and quality of content shines brighter than other sites.

Please ask a question, in case I left out any details in a particular area. It's not easy to write everything I have learned about google. I hope what I have detailed helps those who wish to build, make money, understand google, and more. It's also fun, while learning, and building. Begin with a good attitude, and tell yourself it takes a little time to build an empire. From there proceed with a smile, and be methodical about it. Smile, and build, and never stop, until the money you make is where you want it to be. Expand when you can, and never lose hope. All seeds have to grow roots, before they become big an strong. The same applies to the web as well. It's a beautiful garden, that requires constant love, attention, and maintenance.

List of Awesome things you can do on google. Where you create emails to manage your business, documents, ads, and more. Your new free phone number with google! Awesome!

Google Forms: People fill them out to connect with you quickly.

Google Docs: Found in your Gmail/Labs.

Google Text/SMS: Free Texting in gmail.

Google Templates: Found in your Gmail/Google Docs: Everything you could imagine!

Google Check Out: Shopping Cart, Bank account required. Google Private Intranet Database: Found in "templates" "web sites", google docs.

Free Websites/Hosts:,, yahoo, and others. I prefer to build sites on google. It's the best in comparison the others.

Free Advertising Sites: BackPage, Kijiji, craigslist, and others.

Free Fax Number (No Cost-Works good)(not Google): Click Here


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Island

      Hi beautybabe

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. The google universe is sooooo vast. I think if it's real traffic you want then keep building. You should build sites on google (free hosting) and re-direct your domain names to them. I have over 100 plus sites all integrated and connected in some way. Then I have google adsense on them too. The name of game is to build vastness to capture your traffic legitimately. DO NOT buy any type of traffic guarantees, google will kick you out, and you won't be indexed, and or you'll get suspended. No third party type deals...because they are mere interference. They also carry malware, trackers, spam, and viruses. The best way to gain rank, and get real traffic, (valuable - viable hits) is to build it on google and just get into a routine of building 1-5 sites per week. Then connect them together and run multiple ads to drive traffic to them. Add some links to the sites on hubpages and visa versa. You could never run enough ads so that is needed too. On all the free add sites, and all the free business listing sites plus. Wherever it's free is where you go. Don't plan on stopping either it's what pays off in the end.

      You can add adsense, certain keywords, meta-tags, other google content, your google voice number, (so people can call you for free from the web sites). You can also add google+, like buttons, and so much more to gain rank. Time is a factor too. You have to be patient for google to index, crawl, and learn about you through many internal sources it has. Your presence will grow if you stick with it. You may want to look at analytical stats, and both will help you learn what people click on and stay on, etc.

      I would need to know where it was built in order to elaborate more. I work on donations for the church and non profit I run. If you need someone to correct, and or rebuild them let me know. I can train you as we go so you can take over. I would never leave you hanging like that. Third party servers are no good either. They are secondary to google, and actually hold you away from the mainstream traffic. They also hold your mail, and leave themselves wide open for overload and crashes. Anyway so much to talk about! If you need help feel free to give a call to the church and non profit @ 516-847-2209 or Take care and best of luck!

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      6 years ago from QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA.

      Hi BrainFire,

      I have written a few hubs for which I have received good comments. I think this is an amazing hub for giving people a fantastic insight into what google is about and where to find out what you want to know.

      I am still however just a bit unsure of what to do about a particular aspect that I have to take care of. I have several websites one was a free one and I am sad to say that the hosting company helped me with the domain name I gave them has let me down badly. It is not set up as well as I had hoped for and compared to other sites regarding the same subject, it doesn't have the kind of pull for traffic that I was expecting.

      It is hardly getting any visitors to the site just a lot of bad comments when you enter the URL. I don't know what to do about it as I did not set it up.

      My other problem, the more important one, is that I have a hub pages site that google wants verification of ownership. When I have verified my other sites, I have used meta tags and after editing the site there was a place to put verification code. However, I am not at all sure how to verify to google that I own this site. Can you please help me with this ? I just want to say again thanks for sharing all this information as I am sure thousands of people have and will continue to benefit from it for a long time to come.


    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Island

      Thank you for visiting LillyGrillzit, Tamila, and Shaekelly!

      I hope the hub helps, and gives you a jump start into the world of google. It's quite vast, but once you get the hang of it, it runs like a top. You can literally do everything with google. Take care and be well!

    • shaekelly profile image


      7 years ago from Alabama

      This article has so much great info, thanks for writing. I now have better direction.

    • Tamila Roberts profile image

      Tamila Roberts 

      7 years ago from Canada

      This is a nice hub:) No matter what the last one was about, this one seems better!

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Thank you BrainFire, they are not available for us here yet. I keep checking, I do use the voice to make local calls. It is funny yakking to someone on the computer.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Island

      Thank you CJames, and LillyGrillzit!

      I made this for you, and I'm glad you found it. There are so many things on google to help people, and business it's totally amazing. I appreciate your comments, and visit.

      Thanks again, and be sure to get your free google voice number in your area....they are going very fast. In NY almost all the numbers are gone. Take care, and have fun!


    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Thank you for sharing this information. I am a big Google user, and have been signed on with AdSense, since 2006, I made 1.76 until I started writing on HP. I am getting close to my first payout, and will be glad for the day when I am earning passive income. I learn something new everyday, and it is all exponential. Thank you.

    • CJamesIII profile image


      7 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Very useful info. Thank you.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Island

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting SpiritWhiperer!

      Coming from YOU, well that's the ultimate compliment:)

      Knowing what I went through to build all that I built, is what prompted me to create this hub...definitely for educational purposes. I was already a webmaster when I began, which gave me a bit of an edge, and head start into my experience with google. I would never say I know enough...I never could know enough to satisfy

      I am really on autopilot at this point, and always ready to absorb, and retain more and more knowledge. When I learn...we all learn! Plus I document everything as I go, and have built an entire history of activities for over 5 years now, 3 years being on hubpages now.

      As long as sites like hubpages stay neutral, things should be positive, and reinforcing of your efforts, whatever the goal may be.

      I had no intention of earning money, nor was I concerned about that. However when I saw specific data regarding the rank, keywords, site hits, and traffic stats I set it up to make money.

      When I built what I built, I truly had no idea if traffic/people would even be interested in the things I'm interested in. Most of my friends call me half robot half woman, lawnmower girl, spock, mom, and few choice other nick names. Im a bit to the very technical/mathematical side of things. I also do teach many things, from art, legal process, chess, management, sales, motivation, power phrasing, speaking, and computer related stuff.

      I'm in preparation now for an interesting degree called The World Of Knowledge degree. I could go for individual degrees in my majors, but the university feels that this is more fitting, since I know about many subjects. (Plus I am 46 and not really looking to go back to school), except for a seminary course, agriculture, and hydroponics.

      My favorite thing to teach is Chess. So far every person I have taught, has maintained champion status, and some have never been beat yet! You may be right in saying my true calling is teaching. It may be my next focus. They are evaluating me now, so I'll keep you posted on my progress.

      Thanks again for visiting, and sharing your views. It's much appreciated!


    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      I enjoyed reading this hub. I love your enthusiasm and I realise from what you say that it all takes time and hard work and many people want the money but are not willing to put in the work. I myself came in to hubpages with the idea of making money but that has all changed now. I am just content to write about the things I love and I don't care about Google or keywords or seo or all that stuff. I have not made a cent but that does not worry me. I am a hypno-psychotherapist and I have my own website where I write about stuff related to my work and also sell products that I myself have created. I also advertise my products in my hubpages but nobody has ever bought any from any of my hubs. But that is ok too because I make a living through my business and I do some teaching at the local high school. I am happy doing what makes me happy and I would hate to have to give my power to anyone or anything like Google. For me to write a hub based on keywords would make me feel sick but some people like doing that. They may become rich doing it but who is the happier freer person. I am in no way judging anyone else because I believe in live and let live. I am just saying what does it for me. I am glad I found you. You come across as an honest person with lots of knowledge and integrity. I see you as a great teacher. Teaching is your true calling!Thank you. Voted up. useful and awesome.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Thanks MultiNetWorks!

      Comments appreciated! Hope it helps you navigate through the process.

      Take care,


    • profile image

      Multi NetWorks 

      8 years ago

      Great blog! NO one realizes what goes on behind the scenes with these adds.awesome & informative

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Free Fax/Voice mail to Email Link entered! Totally free! Yay!

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Thank you wabond!

      It is not easy to get things just right. It is a lot of work too. It did take time, and you do not make a lot in the beginning. Once sites, and such are built, they have to be advertised on sites like facebook, twitter, google, yahoo, and other places. You can add your sites, hubs, blogs and more to these sites manually.

      Google is in deed very vast, and can be overwhelming at times, but if you keep with it, and continue placing the ads, in time it will increase.

      When I first started it took so many months to get it up over $100. Now it earns on a regular basis, not a lot of money, but enough to get paid. In time the roots will take, and the tree of money will grow.

      You cannot run enough free ads on sites. So the idea is to run as many as you can. I advertise all my hubs, and sites on all the free ad sites as free information/free reading. The only reason I decided to write this hub, is because people seem very confused about how google works. Time is a factor in growth potential.

      The image ads seem to work well. You have to choose where to place them strategically, so people will be interested. Much like the placement on hubpages. As I said above, none of this easy, but in time it will pay off.

      The topless or nude women, I'm not sure how you got those, but it goes by keywords in content. I'm guessing if there was a lot of female related keywords, this could possibly happen. You are able to block specific ads, sites, and categories. It's in the ad/block section of the account.

      Don't give up, just place them, check them, and then ignore them for a while. Google will pick them up, but it takes weeks for you to gain rank, to be brought traffic. The fastest I was able to get ranked was 3 weeks. It usually takes up to 6 weeks. You can also run checks yourself on keywords to see where you rank on searches.

      I hope some of what I wrote helped. Time, and patience is really the key to this. Nothing happens over night, except the database, and sites I built. Everything that connects to it has to be nudged into the cyber highway. Much like a vine that grows in all directions.

      The more content in the garden, the farther the vine will grow. Any money I get from google is simply found money. I have gotten quite a few checks, and was happy to see things growing. It did take time, and effort that does exceed the check amounts. They are increasing now, and so is the traffic, which will continue to help it grow.

      Thanks for visiting, and commenting, I'll be visiting your hubs shortly. Take care, don't give up!:)


    • wabond profile image

      William Bond 

      8 years ago from England

      I have researched this over the last two months and it seems to me that it is a lot of work and effort for very little reward.

      I had Adsense of two of my blogs for over month and didn't even make 1 cent from it, I didn't like the adverts they had on my blogs anyway, so deleted Adsense.

      I have also noticed that my blogs that have topless or nude women on them, have 10 times as many hits as my blogs that don't. You can get adservers for adult blogs but they are for advertisers who want to advertise hard porn. Which is not what my blogs are about. So in the end i have given up on advertising for my blogs.


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