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Making Money as A Salesperson

Updated on September 18, 2009

Career as A Salesperson

     I was in sales for twenty five years and I think there are a number of things you must and must not do to make a good living as a salesperson. Also, I will let you know first off, there is lots of "Money"  to be made in sales if you have a good attitude during good and bad times.

     You must like and trust in your product to be believable. That being said. You don't have to like or believe in your product to sell it. I know that is confusing but its the truth. There are literally millions in sales that are there just for what they can get out of it, money-wise. I am the type of person that if I believe in something and know it is a good product, I could sell an ice box to an Eskimo. Do you understand what I am saying?

     I don't want to sell something an wonder if it's going to come back the next day like an Edsel. I want to sell products that get customers coming back by word of mouth because the customers I already have are "happy campers".

     It's becomes fun when people start coming in asking for you, specifically and you are not spend all of your time canvasing, whether by phone, mail, or knocking on doors.

     You must learn to attack objections before they appear in your conversations with your prospects. During your qualifying, sales pitch and close you have to be ready for objections thrown out there by the customer without stammering. stuttering, or trying to BS your prospect.

BS'ing your prospects is the best and quickest way to show them the door. Honesty is the best policy. Product knowledge is one way and down right getting to know your prospect with the right questions is another. Why, when, where & how. Why are you shopping, when do you plan to buy, where do you plan to buy and how are you going to pay for it. You should try not to be so to the point. Open ended question are what you need. In plain words, throw little bones out there to get them to bite and start talking about themselves. Make them feel like they are the most important person in your life. When you make someone comfortable they will loosen up and when they do that's when they will start to talk about themselves. Once they get started you want to control the conversation but get all the information out of them possible. Back to the why, when, where & how's.

     The main thing is to create a good rapport with your customer. Create a good one on one relationship.

Next. You should know is soliciting is encouraged. You have to let your friends, acquaintances, anyone you come in contact with should know that you are selling a "zorche" or whatever it is that you are selling, otherwise, if no one knows, whose going to buy from you. Don't be bashful. I you are bashful plan on long, lonely days standing at the window or looking at your desk and no paycheck.

During your conversation don't lead, prompt, or interrupt you customer. You don't want to see their backside until they have you product and always keep eye contact with them. Don't make them think you are bored with them, whether they are buyers or not.

     Happy days are ahead. Make it a good day!


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