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How to Make Money Online - with

Updated on March 16, 2012

Awhile back, I was doing some "hits" on Amazon Mechanical Turk when I came across a request from a fellow by the name of Brad Callen. Brad was offering a promotion. If you went to his website at and wrote an article - you would get paid not only for the article you wrote but the the "hit" you completed too. To me this seemed like a safe bet. Even if iWriter turned out to be a dud I would still get paid my $1 through Amazon Mechanical Turk. However, to my pleasant surprise, my article was accepted and I fell in love with writing articles on iWriter. I've been with the site almost since it started, and I can see myself staying there for a long time to come.

What is

Basically iWriter is a freelance article site. It's been designed to help website owners to find writers for articles that will help drive traffic to their websites and blogs, or to fill in content for these sites. In turn, it's also a site that helps hook up writers with people who are looking for specific articles to be written. The site has been around for less than a year and yet it has really accomplished a lot! Right now there is roughly 50,000 freelance writers and requesters are posting about 70,000 projects every month! This amazing growth is largely due to the fact that is easy to use for both groups of users. It's still relatively new so there are going to be more changes to come but as a whole the iWriter website has really grabbed the internet's interest!

When you first go to the iWriter site you are greeted with a clean and easy-to-navigate home page. There you can watch a 'welcome to iWriter' video, see how many article requests there has been in the last 30 days, how many writers are currently registered with iWriter and also how many articles have been written to date (a whopping 1,973,343!). They've recently added motivational testimonies from actual writers and requesters. You can also see the top rated writers and the most prolific writers, some who have written well over 2500 articles already! So choose whether you want to be a writer or a requester or both and go sign up.

Who can sign up for Anyone above 18 years of age and that has a PayPal account!

Once you've signed up you'll have access to videos and tutorials created for both article requesters and article writers. These videos are great for helping you get started with the site quickly and easily. You'll also see links that will take you directly to the pages that let you request your specific genre articles, to download the articles that you approved and paid for, to write some articles, or to edit your profile. As this article is discussing how to make money with, I'll focus on the writing articles aspect of the site.

How to Write Your Articles

Writing your articles is quite simple. You will need to navigate to the 'Make Money by Writing Articles' page, where you will see the list of articles that have been requested. This page is where everything happens. You can read what type of articles the different requesters are looking for, how many words they require you to write and how much they are paying the writer. This page will tell you how many articles there was to begin with, how many are being written at that very moment, how many are pending approval and how many have been approved.

Each project title has a small plus sign that will allow you to see more about that specific request. Detailed information may be given in the special instructions section or they make just give you a gist of what kind of tone they want and what keywords they need you to focus on. If you still think you would like to write that article, you can go ahead and choose "write article". Now you're in business.

The iWriter website give you plenty of space to write out your title and article, and the site itself will help you keep track of how many words your article is at any point in time. However the time they give you to complete your task is limited between 2 - 3 hours. This is to prevent articles stockpiling on someone's to do list, while other writers wait for more articles to be requested. Follow any instructions found on this page and write your authentic article. It's important to not copy and paste from other articles you may have found online or in print. These will not pass iWriters copyscape program, and will most likely get rejected. When you've finished with your article submit it to the requester and then all you have to do is wait for the approval or rejection. This can take as long as a few days or as short as a few minutes. It's as easy as that!

Can I Really Make Money with iWriter?

The fast answer is yes. I can absolutely vouch for that, as I have been paid for over 25 articles that I have written totaling just over $75. How much money you make is entirely up to you. There is no limit to how many articles you can write for them. Each article either be 300, 500 or 700 words long, and iWriter has set minimum payments for each of these. A 300 word article is worth $1.62, a 500 word article is worth $2.43, and a 700 word article will net you at least $4.05. This amount is 81% of what the requester pays for the article. If that was all of the money that writers would get paid I wouldn't still be using the site. But iWriter came up with a system that allows highly rated writers to make even more than the base amount.

A requester is able to pay more than minimum amount for any article that they request. For instance I recently wrote a 500 word article that paid out $7.29! That is a higher rate than usual but often you will find these special jobs, and those are what will really help you rake in the cash. To be eligible for these jobs you must have a minimum of 20 ratings, have a total rating of 4 stars or more, and 30% of your total ratings can not fall below 3 stars. So do quality work and you'll have a chance to write for these higher paying requesters!

To Sum Up...

I'm happy with iWriter at this time. It is definitely possible to get paid for your work, you can write when you want to and can pick what article you want to write. Will it support a family of 4? Probably not, but it will definitely help you earn some extra cash doing something you love...writing. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this site and I'll do my best to help you out.


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