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Making Your Worksite Smarter Through Easy Technology

Updated on October 5, 2015

As a senior manager, it is imperative that you observe the most current trends in technology. You do not want to be tagged as somebody who sticks to redundant practices even when more efficient solutions are available. Innovation happens every single day. There are so many applications being introduced into the market that can surely make your office smart and efficient. These products are designed in such a way that it can be used by staff members who are not tech savvy, so that your productivity does not have to take a hit as a consequence of a learning curve. Here is taking a look at some simple and affordable applications that can empower you with the ability to run your office more efficiently and cost effectively.

Administration Made EASY

It has been observed that most managers are not really able to perform to their full potential, the reason? A major share of their time is spent in mundane administrative tasks such as recording transactions or GST reporting. When you have software that can be remotely accessed to take care of your administrative chores, you can go back to more important creative tasks that require your attention. Add cloud computing applications to the mix and you have the power to operate your business from anywhere at any point in time.

Smart Writing

If your day to day work involves a lot of note taking, it is common for information to be misplaced or lost in a mountain of paper. The LiveScribe Smart Pen is an amazing and yet simple addition to your office hardware inventory. It records everything you write and allows you to upload everything into your computer in PDF format. You could further attach this to your CRM through audio syncing with what you have written. This is one tool that just about anybody who deals with clients on a daily basis must have.

Empowering Your Tablet

Tablets have now become an essential component at boardroom meetings. You can use the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover to enhance their utility value by transforming them into a laptop. While it stylishly protects your tablet from the elements, the cover enables you to type freely and effortlessly on your tablet wherever you are.

BYOD Benefits

The BYOD culture (Bring Your Own Device) is catching on fast in the corporate sector. Smart business owners promote this as it dramatically enhances the productivity of their workforce enabling them to work from anywhere at any point in time. The average office worker uses a wide range of communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Desktop PCs to manage their work. Even when covering the operation costs of these devices, business owners can save immensely through this practice.

By implementing these concepts in your office, you ensure that you have a worksite that is smart and efficient at literally no extra cost.


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