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Making money online......

Updated on December 19, 2014

Now there is a lot for me to say when it comes to making money online; after all It’s one of the newest and supposed easiest way of earning fast money. Now I’m not here to tell you how to make money online but to simply analyze how practical this concept is for many persons across the globe. Henceforth the real argument of this hub is to explore the idealism of the modern frenzy of making a quick buck online that everyone is either disappointed with or entangled a midst. I seek to try to answer the question that many individuals just being introduced to the internet are now asking themselves. In no simpler words how true is this concept for many persons? How much have tried and failed and how much have found their green oasis?

Can we remember the first time when we were on the internet and saw an ad flashing before us? ‘Earn $1000 today’, ‘how to make $300 online every week’ or simply ‘earn money fast’; a flashing advertisement linking to some poorly developed site. I recalled the first time that I saw one of these about a decade ago. I quickly ran onto the site and used the entire evening trying to accomplish this invisible task of earning that quick buck, only to find that one link lead to a next difficulty task and to another and so on and so forth until I just gave up. I had to learn the hard way. First of all some of these could very well be a malware; this I found out later. However there are some sites that are in fact very true, they’re just not as easy as how other sites make it out to be.

Amidst all this turmoil there are the people who just never seem to be successful when it comes to earning a buck online. Now these individuals can be subdivided into two categories i.e. one person may believe that anything below $20 or $50 dollars is not considered as making money online, whilst another person simply may just be unsuccessful in all their pursuits. Now I believe that there is merely one word that I could use to reflect the problems of both these individuals. GREED! This is something that you should unearth about yourself while you surf the internet, trying to earning that quick buck. What are my true intentions? Do I only seek to earn money or am I also interested in what I will be doing? What I mean is that some of the persons who have done very well for themselves on the internet not only love money but they also love to be engaged in their work.

An overwhelmingly unnecessary and unfocused greed can corrupt your search for the very thing that you desire. In other words you could become that individual who is constantly impatient with whatever you’re are doing, switching from one project to the next; consistently trying to find that fast dollar. I advise that you slow down and stick to one thing that you love. Nobody generally starts off big. Most times in fact many persons will start badly.

Using a business example we can see where most businesses start out with a deficit budget or are initially seen as under-successful. Look at pinterst in 2009 and now look at them in 2014. Therefore it is always a better idea to stick something out regardless of how hard it may seem and try to cut down on your greed and actually try doing something that you might like.

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

Realistic and surreal ones:

Here I want to talk to about some of those real and fake offers for making money online. Now we all should have encountered with a number of fake offers in our lifetime. After all we live in 2014; a time when the internet has had decades to grow and become exponentially popular over time, littered with countless amalgamations of advertised businesses, social medias entertainment, personal projects and so on and so forth. Everybody wants to make a quick buck nowadays, so you’re bound to crash into a few of these in this generation. I made mention up above that some of these are merely malwares. I believe that this is the worst case scenario. but there are some that may simply be persons trying to advertise their products or services through chains of one click ads. Also some of these offers may float somewhere in middle between gettable and a fake. What decides this is the conditions that you’re supposedly to fulfill; which are more or likely inapt for you. And I should note that most times this isn't even explained before, not until you find yourself knee deep in your surreal conquest for work online. For example signing up for a job where your required to be of a specific nationality along with unconventional banking information among others, all of which you’re not sure if you have. Now I’m not done yet; after all this you’re then told that your application will be reviewed with many others. How real is this?

Thank god however that there are other prolific sites like hubpages that offer real and easy to sign up for conditions. Anyone could join hubpages and make money. I advise anyone that if they really want to make money online but don’t have enough time to make their own projects, try renowned sites that wouldn’t lie to you and will make the process much easier. Sites like Google, and even companies that are involve with providing international services and/or products such as amazon and Ebay. These might work for you.

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Maybe if you're smart enough you could capitulate on some of these?

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