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Management Based on Biblical Principles - 7 Leadership Lessons from Joshua

Updated on May 16, 2013

In the history of ancient Israel, Joshua succeed Moses and led his people in the invasion and take over of the land of Canaan or modern day Palestine-Israel territory. This hub highlights some of the leadership principles Joshua demonstrated during his days as head over his people.

Biblical Leadership is Strong and Courageous

The first leadership principle displayed by Joshua was that biblical leadership is strong and courageous. After his predecssor Moses died, Joshua was naturally fearful about being the new leader of the Israelite people. Sensing this problem, God appeared to Joshua to reassure him and reiterate his plan to give his people the Promised Land. While doing so, God commanded Joshua to not be terrified but to be strong and courageous.

Biblical Leadership is Based on God's Word

 The second leadership principled gleaned from Joshua's life is that biblical leadership is grounded in God's Word. In the same pep talk mentioned above, God told Joshua that if he wanted to be prosperous as God's servant, he must meditate on God's Word day and night.

Biblical Leadership Operates According to the Big Picture

The third leadership principle found in Johsua's example is that biblical leadership operates according to the big picture. When God appeared to Joshua to encourage him, He reiterated his promise about the Promised Land and gave him a specific picture of all the territory the Israelites would possess.

Biblical Leadership Evaluates the Situation Before Acting

 Another leadership principle demonstrated by Joshua was that biblical leadership assesses a situation before taking action. Before Joshua led his people across the Jordan to invade the Promised Land, he sent spies over to Jericho to check out the situation. Through information gathered by the spies, Joshua was able to encourage the people that God would give them victory in their endeavors.

Biblical Leadership Seeks Creative Solutions to Big Problems

The fifth leadership principle observed in Joshua's headship was that biblical leadership seeks creative solutions for big problems. The city of Jericho was extremely formidable. Its walls were impenetrable by ordinary military tactics. In light of this God gave Joshua a creative solution to the problem and Israel was able to conquer the fortified city.

Biblical Leadership Seeks God's Will in Every Endeavor

A sixth leadership principle displayed by Joshua was that biblical leadership seeks God's will for every situation whether large or small. After the Israelites successfully captured the great city of Jericho, they became big headed and thought the next town (the little town of Ai) would be a cinch. Accordingly, they sent a few men to the battle lines and got whooped by the Ai fighters. In another situation, Joshua and his men were dupped by other inhabitants in Canaan who disguised themselves as people from a far off land. In both cases, Joshua and the Israelite leaders failed to seek God's will before going ahead with the project and got burned.

Biblical Leaders Mentor Their Followers to Put God First in Life

The seventh and final leadership principle demonstrated by Joshua was that biblical leaders mentor their followers to put God first in life. At the end of his life, Joshua had observed complacency in the lives of the Israelite people. They had not removed all the other inhabitants from the terroritory and began to intermarry with their sons and daughters. They also began worshipping the idols of those other inhabitants. Joshua was displeased with those actions and called his people to account. Furthermore, he exhorted the Israelite people to choose God and life over temporal self-gratification.


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