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Management of Severe Stress

Updated on April 14, 2019
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Lalit Kumar is a software developer. He mostly writes technical article but enjoys writing on other topics too.

On the basis of regular basis, I meet the people, who, like most of the world, are emotionally disturbed and mentally distressed, due to the stress caused by everyday activities. This is especially common when both husbands and wives are employed in excessive livelihood expectations, under those who give them such expectations that they would perform exceptionally large levels for long hours. It will not be too unusual to know that they are also following two or more children. Daily work and family pressures are more than that which can actually be included in twenty four-hour days. In some cases, doing a lot of daily work for many years results in serious tension.

Some types of stress are self-fixing. We are expelled from our jobs and under this situation we experience tension for a few months without monthly income. However, when we get a new job, the stress is automatically removed. A storm destroys our house. Stress is immediate and important, but once we build a new house, it gets resolved automatically. Constant demand of daily activities creates a kind of stress, which can not be reduced by any activity. In fact it can spread year after year and depth. Facing such old stress, it will be prudent and healthy to find ways to reduce it.

I enjoy an evening stroll. It helps me to reflect and eases stress.

— Blac Chyna

My guru, Sai Subramuniya Swamy, has given many useful exercises for stress management. The first was breathing control. He wrote: "The goal of mystic is to control awareness whereas it is in the conscious mind [external world] - to know where it is in consciousness. When he finds that he is conscious in the conscious mind and the five senses have become his ruler, then he controls the awareness within the conscious mind. He does so in many ways. One way is by controlling breathing. Breathing is life, and life is breathing. Breathing is also a means to control our will. A seeker should develop a dynamic desire to walk on the path of enlightenment so that he does not stumble and he does not falter, but go ahead, no matter how difficult the path seems to be. "

When it comes to breathing, then the fundamental practice is to ensure that you are breathing from your diaphragm and not from your chest. This is the natural way to breathe. Children naturally breathe like this. However, when we face the stresses of life, the diaphragm contracts and spreads the chest towards the breathing. The diaphragm can feel right below your muscle cluster, in that place where the ribs are different. To find him, place your fingers above the diaphragm and cough. When your fingers are on the diaphragm straight away, when you cough, they will bounce. An easy way to learn to breathe a diaphragm lie on the ground and keep a book on your stomach. When you breathe while you relax, the diaphragm will move downwards in the stomach, which will cause the book to rise above. When you take out breathing, the diaphragm will rest completely and the book will be back in the early stages. In this way emancipation is obtained from trouble and tension is reduced. Gurudeva commented on this: "You will experience that when the nervous currents become calm through the diaphragm breathing, it becomes impossible to be desperate and it is possible to be absorbed within it, in the great hall of internal learning, In the great emptiness of all, without all of their problems, problems and fear, without their psychological analysis. "

Once you understand the basics of taking a diaphragm, you can practice it by sitting directly on a chair or even walking. Whenever you need rest, such as an important meeting or before or during the exam, only a minute from the diaphragm will take a deep breath.

The second exercise to reduce the old stress is Yoga, which also includes breathing. Lie down on your floor or on a flat, sturdy surface. Put the arms on your edges, take a deep breath and instruct your body and mind to calm down, so that they abandon all thoughts and tensions. See yourself floating above a cloud, all the troubles of everyday life and upheaval. Lose eyes, breathe in through the diaphragm, see a powerful light in your nervous system that fills your body and mind with energy. As you breathe out, feel this bright energy going into every part of your body outside the nervous system and see as it expands all your thoughts and tensions. Repeat this for five minutes and you will feel less stressed, because as soon as the body goes into rest, the brain also goes along. Gurudeva wrote: "Freedom from the tensions of the world is attained only to the extent to which people are able to control the powers of their mind. Under this control, they can rely on the power of their internal security, which is achieved in the eternity of the moment. In the same moment, your inner strength is attained. So take your yoga break whenever you feel a little tired, slightly scared, be slightly upset. It's time, not when you have time. "

A third exercise for managing stress is the time taken for a small spiritual / religious practice every morning. Gurudeva called it a daily vigilance and commented on this: "Religious Hindus serve daily daily alertness, which is called Sandhya worship, usually before sunrise. This sacred time is the foundation of worship, chanting, chanting, singing, hath yoga, meditation and classical study, personal life. "By keeping a daily alert in the morning, we should be able to deepen the spirit of righteousness and focus on that day. Helps to cope.

Getting stress out of your life takes more than prayer alone. You must take action to make changes and stop doing whatever is causing the stress. You can learn to calm down in the way you handle things.

— Joyce Meyer

A fourth practice is the Yoga of Yoga, a yoga system of physical postures, the asanas performed with coordinated breathing in specific sequences. Currencies are easy to hard. Simple exercises are enough to reduce the old stress. Gurudeva described the advantages of Hatha Yoga: "The purpose of Hatha Yoga is again today," to keep the physical body, the emotional body, the astral body and the mental body cordial, healthy and happy so that inner awareness can reach the height of divine realization Can fly Carefully implemented every posture with controlled breathing, while observing the color and listening to the inner voice, gradually opens the knots of the desires of the subconscious mind and liberates awareness from there, and the consciousness touching the sky And. Hatha opens the yoga consciousness, because when the height of energy is reached in every pose, and we change the next easy, a small or big adjustment occurs within the physical and subtle nervous system. "March 2001 Hindooism Today See Gurudeva's system of teaching 24 postures in the article printed in the

My guru also talked about a very different approach, suggested that we change our relationship with stress, change its imperative to our advantage. He advised, "People are confused about tension these days. There is a solution and that is the change in consciousness, changing the way in which we are planned ... It means the tension is acceptable in 'yes-yes' and not 'no-nan'. In the old days, yoga was not a mere tablet to relieve stress. It made the brain and the nervous system more intense, nor less. Tension is a natural reaction to intensity. Stress is our teacher who helps us to cope with the intensity. Look in the bathroom mirror and mentally say to yourself, 'The stress is strengthening me. 'It really does. Try to believe it. Start enjoying the stress and the power that is giving it to you. Where is our leader of the world, religious leaders and MPs, if they do not accept the stress and do not get up from the stress ... ... businessmen, superb players, high-ranking artists and well-liked musicians are looking forward to more. They want it. They are successful on this. They know it is performing them at a higher level than normal. They know that weak souls can not take it, and this gives them a special place in the top place of the Universe. "

Gurudeva gives us our fifth practice: "But you have to handle stress. How would you handle this ? Like any other thing. You go in to God; You go to the temple near God and you finally get rid of stress, from inside to outside, and because of this you become a better person, because you have to expand your nervous system. You have to spread your nervous system. You have to use your brain cells which you have never used before, you had to expand your mind, to awaken new abilities. It's not easy. "


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