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Manages or leadership?

Updated on May 20, 2013

Inspire action


Managers tend to be driven by need, not by the will. And they tend to stand out to appease conflicts between professionals and departments and to ensure that nothing compromises the organization's activities. Already a leader stands out for its ability to take decisive action in relation to goals and opportunities and can inspire their subordinates with apparent ease.

A manager does not need to have a heroic temperament or genius, but it is essential that it is persistent, determined, intelligent and dedicated. Every manager, by definition, is a problem solver and to exert their function well to solve any kind of crisis, need to prove an excellent analytical skills, be tolerant with the team and the setbacks of the day-by-day and still demonstrates an exceptional goodwill.

Faced with a challenge, the two questions that a manager must repeat most are: 'What problems need to be solved now?' , 'What are the best ways to achieve results so that employees remain motivated?'

While the role of managers is to focus on actions that transform into practice the answer to these two questions, the role of leaders is to create new approaches to long-standing problems and open with their performance, new business options. Importantly, to be effective, leaders must emphasize their ideas into images that grapple people. And so are restricted not only to the words, should develop options to make tangible, in corporate terms, their images.

The managerial function is, in short, to ensure the smooth running of any business, since leadership refers more specifically to the joint, inspiration and attention to the real possibilities for growth and change.


Leaders are professionals who have great ease of establishing consensus, exercising an authority well defined and always act with adaptability and great ethics. Due to the own position, however, leaders also may be very vulnerable and can be diverted from their goals, both by subordinates as malicious, in certain cases, by own narcissism.

The true testament of character of any leader, is usually reveal when he demonstrates his ability to encourage people whose brightness can be comparable to yours.

For more pride they inspire their qualities, authentic leaders are never arrogant. Rather, they are generous, compassionate, humble and even sometimes may occasionally feel a twinge of jealousy when watching someone do something that they themselves could not.

Balance is the key, but how to achieve balance? Even with only one out of thinking about the relation between action and emotion, according to experts in leadership development, implies a temper especially gifted for self-observation and self-analysis. They are also key components of this balance motivation, empathy and a kind of social skills that can be translated into the ability to listen and absorb everything that others say, always showing an interest that can only be effective if it is sincere.

After all, the great leader often has to deal with ideas that are not yours, but you need to listen and consider in deciding which to implement. Maybe that's why the best men in charge are just the most well resolved individually, and they can decide their time with great balance between work and leisure.

These professionals are often also quite inventive and continually exercise their critical thinking in relation to projects, their employees and especially in relation to themselves.

How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck

The five qualities of great professionals

Self-awareness - The ability to recognize and understand his temperament, his emotions and initiatives, as well as the effects of their qualities in others. Main features: self-confidence, practicing self very accurate assessment, sense of humor and some irony.

Self-discipline - The ability to control or redirect impulses and moods disordered, combined with a propensity to weigh with great care any judgment and think before acting. Main features: trust and integrity, comfort with their uncertainty, willingness to change.

Motivation - A passion for work, for reasons that go beyond money or the achievement of any rank or status, and a healthy inclination to achieve goals with energy and persistence. Key features: a strong vocation for the execution of activities, optimism and corporate commitment.

Empathy - the ability to understand the way of life of other people and ability to train professionals according to their emotional reactions. Main features: easy to build and retain talent, sensitivity to diverse cultures and dedication to customer service and prospecting for new business.

Social skills - Ability to manage and develop a network of relationships consistently associated with the ability to find common ground between seemingly disparate projects and prepare the groundwork for a dialogue. Main features: effective in leading change, persuasiveness and ease to group and lead teams.

It is great to know that leaders motivate their employees all the time. For that and keep looking for new ways to develop its operations. And most importantly - make everyone drives away the fear of risk.

From all this, it is clear that it is also the leader always remain attentive to what happens around you, tune in to what is being studied in the academies, institutions and foundations, learn about new management practices continue alongside the latest findings in your industry, never lose contact with the customer, always find out what they want, and use your intuition to see opportunities before others do.


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