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Managing work-life balance

Updated on July 10, 2014

It's not a great feeling to know deep in your heart that you have not heard your kid's voice in the last few weeks. Why? Just because your work is eating up all the time meant for your personal life-family, kids and most importantly you-yourself.

So here's an attempt to provide a few guidelines regarding how to manage and maintain your work-life balance. Hope it helps make your life a bit easier and your family a lot happier.

Plan your work to finish in time

When you reach office in the morning, start your day with planning. Pick up all the items on your task list for the day, prioritize them and then make a rough plan as to how you will go about doing all those tasks. Give or take 15 minutes per activity-your plan should be accurate with margin of error of 30 minutes (so even if you leave your office 30 minutes late, you will still be well in time at your home). Make it a habit to plan your day and barring a few exceptions always try to adhere to your plan. Once you are smooth with your plan-you will have a lot of time to spend with your family and friends.

Avoid postponing difficult tasks for end of day

Procrastination-that is what they call it, pushing the tedious tasks of your list for later in the day. Most of us have that habit of pushing a task to a point to which it becomes unavoidable not to do it. Such tasks when done towards the end of the day they take more time than usual as in the hurried gear we tend to make mistakes. So tackle such tasks early in your day when your productivity is higher. Do it NOW and enjoy the rest of the day.

Learn to say NO to people

There will be people in your organization-seniors, colleagues, managers who come to you with work when you are about to leave. And you are again held back for a good 2-3 hours from being with your loved ones. You can entertain such people once, twice or thrice, but thereafter learn to say a NO to such people. Say it in a polite manner so as not to hurt their ego, but say it. And in a humble enough manner, which doesn't let you loose your self respect-also ask them to give such tasks to you well before time, rather than coming to you at the end of the day.

Do not mix work with personal life

Doing so will bring the prospects of both worlds being smooth in jeopardy. So keep your work and life distinctively separate and never ever mix them. Do not take your work to your home or work from home on weekends or night. If there is an absolute necessity then only do official work at home unless you are enjoying an official "work from home".

Refuse requests to work (and mind you taking official calls from home is also included in work) beyond office hours as humbly as you can and keep your head high about it. Its not a crime to devote time for your family and friends. Work hard when you are in the office, but keep work out of your mind when at home.

Go on vacations with family

I know you are very busy throughout the year, don't have time for anything but, BUT you have to take out time to plan at least one vacation with your family in a year. Going on a vacation makes you forget your work and spend some quality time with your loved ones. It also releases any stress that you have developed while on work and refreshes your mind. So when you return back you are more productive than ever, and have the happiest of families at your home.

I do not say that you can or should follow all the above mentioned rules, may be some do not even apply to your style or nature of work. But if you do follow most of them I wish you to have a blissful life with laurels at work and fun & happiness with your family. My best wishes with you to achieve your desirable work-life balance.

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Disclaimer: The thoughts and ideas mentioned in the above article represent writer's personal views and opinion and in no way should be considered otherwise.


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