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Do You have the Mental and Physical Strengths Required for Job Excellence?

Updated on December 8, 2019
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

To perform effectively in a career, an individual needs to master the physical and mental aspects of the profession. For instance, joy such as shipping & receiving, warehouse positions, and food services including catering and cooking careers require both mental and physical strengths.

The strength it takes to lift boxes over fifty pounds or pull heavy metal containers of food out of the oven must be understood. The ability to read and calculate shipping cost or the ability to measure ingredients and put the appropriate amount of salt, sugar or spices into a large pan of stew takes mental focus and mathematical knowledge.

For example, if you are thinking about choosing a photography career, you must consider both the mental and physical aspects of the professions.

Physical Strengths

Professional photographers must lift heavy equipment, including tripods, camera bags full of equipment, and heavy bags filled with backgrounds, if necessary.

In addition, taking pictures of weddings and other extraordinary events may require long standing, running to get a shot, or if you are shooting landscapes, you might have to climb up a steep mountain to get that perfect overview of a town or city.

Moreover, if you are involved in an all-day event that requires every important moment to be captured, you may not be able to grab a bite to eat or drink water to quench a thirst for hours.

Mental Strengths

Professional photographers must know how to operate a camera. Just pointing a camera and taking pictures is for from camera mastery. Effective use of a camera involves many factors. You must know how to set a camera for the perfect shot.

Knowledge of the appropriate camera settings is critical. For if you don’t know how to set the color balance for indoor or outdoor photography, the quality of the pictures will be poor, resulting in customer disappointment.

You must also know how to read light to effectively take quality images. Your knowledge of flash and other lighting equipment must be perfect when you are working with prominent level clients who won’t tolerant anything less the excellence.

In addition, you must understand the event to effectively get the most critical shots. Missing the most important shots will gain you a bad reputation quickly when it comes to professional photography. I made this mistake once, and have never gotten over the fact that I ruined the most important moment of the event. Don’t let this happen to you.

Leave Frustration Outside of Work

Another aspect of mental strength in photography is patience. You must not become upset with your client’s due to their tendency to create uncertainty and change. Clients are always changing their minds when it comes to judging your performance.

Assessing Your Mental and Physical Strengths

Are You Aware of the mental and physical requirements of Your Job?

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Some clients get upset because they don’t like themselves in the picture. So, they don’t buy that aspect of the package you two agreed upon. Don’t argue over this issue. In case of a wedding, present your images and accept the adjustments.

Gaining Mastery-Developing Your Metal and Physical Strengths

If you want to gain mastery in every area of your profession, you must examine those aspects that deal with the both mind and body. What aspects of your job require mental excellence and what aspects require physical excellence. Work on developing such aspects to the fullest.

For example, with photography, you must get plenty of exercises. Get into a jogging routine and strengthen muscles via weight lifting. Prepare your body for lifting heavy equipment.

Mentally, you must know how to transact business with your clients, including setting prices and creating contracts.

Also, you must be able to communicate effectively when discussing finished projects, refusing to get upset with the clients, regardless of disagreements.

Taking control the physical and mental aspects of your profession will go a long way in helping you to walk through the doors of excellence.

Are You Ready for Greatness in Your Career?


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