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Measure A Square Box To Fit the Right Sized Inner Plastic Poly Liner Bag Inside

Updated on April 5, 2011


If you want to store goods in a plastic bag inside of a square box, you'll need the correct bag dimensions to get the right fit.

This article presumes that you have the box or know the box measurements in advance. You'll need to know the size of the box to determine the best size for the bag.

Following these measuring guidelines will not only ensure that you do not use a plastic bag that is too small, but it will also ensure that you don't have too much bag in the box. Too big of a bag can cause excess overhang and expense (the larger the bag the most expensive the bag). Too big of a bag may also cause too much plastic to pile up at the top when you close it. This would prevent you from shutting the top of he box evenly.

If you wanted to measure a rectangular box, please see my link at the bottom of this article.

Step 1

Measure along one side of the opening of the box.  

Write that width measurement down

Step 2

Measure the width going the other way. Take this measurement and add it to the measurement you took in step one.

Write this total down

Step 3

Then measure the height of the box as shown.

Write the height dimension down.

Step 4

This part varies a bit.  As a rule of thumb you can add anywhere from 4 - 7"  to the height depending on what you are comfortable with.  Personally, I add about 5 inches and that seems to work pretty good, although if I want more overhang I'll go up to 7".  7" might be a bit much depending on your application.

Step 5

Take the width total you have in step two and add two inches to thi

Step 6

So if you box is 10" wide x 10" wide (20" width total) x 10" high, your bag dimensions should be : 22" wide x  15" high (if you choose to add 5" to height for overhang)

One HUGE tip I can give you, is that if you have any doubt about the size of your bag or box, contact the vendor or potential vendor of your liner bag.  Often they'll provide web tools or personal advice on calculating the size for their specific bag.  Some products differ in style, even if they are considered the same style.  The people selling you their product can clarify these differences or your custom measurement need

Thanks for reading.  I hope this helps you to measure a square box for the right sized liner inside.


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