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Mechanical Turk Tips and Tricks

Updated on November 14, 2013

First, let me say that I am NOT BY ANY MEANS GETTING ANYTHING FOR WRITING THIS. It's also important to keep in mind that there are plenty of jobs from home that you can personally take part in. Mturk isn't a full time position but it definitely generates some nice income on the side. I am just like any other freelance writer with the dream of finding the perfect . If you're not sure about the mechanical turk system you can read about it here. In short, Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing service which pays people to complete hits or "turks" for cash. I already said that I wouldn't give away my Mechanical Turk contacts, however that doesn't mean that I wont share some tips and tricks on landing the best turks. There are certain keywords that I follow while I am using mechanical Turk. I am more than happy to share these with you, however I won't give names. You're more than capable of making at least $200 per week using the mechanical turk system. So, you do the math. $200x4= $800.00 of extra income each month. I don't think there is anyone in the US who would say that an extra $800 dollars each month wouldn't help them out. Well, besides the wealthy that is. This money can be used to: pay your bills, pay your mortgage, or merely just be put into savings. Here are a few tips and tricks that will assist you in making money with mechanical turk.

Here are some helpful Mechanical Turk Tips and Tricks to Assist you In Finding

First things first, Build yourself a nice list of keywords. A few of mine are as follows: write, survey, study, listen, and transcribe. These basically cover each and every area in which you can prosper on mechanical turk. In the search bar on the website try typing in each of the keywords separately. You're also able to click "hits for which you're qualified", and input the price in which you're willing to be paid.

Secondly, Price is everything. I will not fill out a survey unless I am getting at least 1.00. On terms of articles, I try to write those that are between 150-300 words, and pay at least 1.50. If you're able and capable of typing and researching quickly, then you should really look into the writing hits. I can make an average of $8.00-15.00 dollars an hour writing on mechanical turk. The quality does have to be good, however the more you write, the more you understand what your employers are looking for. I write differently for each person that I am working for. I know what kind of style they expect, and what they will accept and decline.

As I said in my previous article, always run a test run. If you haven't worked for the employer before only do one or two hits to see what they're looking for. Test the waters before you jump in. Become very known to which employers post at different times, and check the keywords during these times. I know the time frames in which most of my employers post, and this helps me with getting my writing. One of the most complicated parts about completing turks is the fact that hits are on a first come first serve basis. Meaning, they are not souly reserved to you. So, you need to be the first one to get them, and complete them within the time frame.

Lastly, due to the fact that hits are on a first come first serve basis, you should accept as many hits as you know you can do. Meaning, accept away, and don't worry about the time frame too much. If you don't complete them within the time you're given, they'll just dissapeer. No big deal. This allows you to have dibs on all of the hits within the group, and allows others to not get to them before you do.

Listed above are the most important mechanical turk tips and tricks you need to hear before you jump in. My best advice by far is this: Get yourself an account, and try it yourself. This is SERIOUSLY the only way (besides adsense) that I have actually made money quickly online. Of course you have to wait for employers to accept your work, but that typically doesn't take over a week. I am writing this for you guys, not for anyone else. I wish that I would have heard about this program sooner, and I want to help out a feel people on my way. Good luck guys and happy turks!

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      6 years ago

      You will not accept HITs for surveys unless they're a $1.00? Good luck everyday at most there are around 20 HITs for $1.00 and for many you have to be over 60, or a male, or a specific demographic. Those are rare. Every penny counts so even the .50 and up surveys count towards more money. Many of the transcriptions are only on Mturk for .31 I've looked those up plenty of times, not worth anyone's time, for the most part they are too muffled to hear. Seems like your doing more than Mturk to make that much per week. I know people on Mturk who make that much per MONTH! Your getting a handout lol.


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