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Meeting of The Visionaries - Mr. Narendra Modi Meets Mark Zukerberg

Updated on September 28, 2015
Mark Zukerberg and Mr. Narendra Modi in support of DIGITAL INDIA.
Mark Zukerberg and Mr. Narendra Modi in support of DIGITAL INDIA.

Dear readers,

As a citizen of India, it has been my interest to know about the on goings of the country’s growth at different levels. The reason is very simple and straightforward, that is, it will in turn affect my growth and development. Moreover, I am also constantly willing to share all, which can be useful to my fellow countrymen as well as world citizens. Here, I am to share the similar kind of information about a phenomenally informative, interactive, and emotional event, where two visionaries from two entirely different sectors and backgrounds met for the growth of each other.

On 27th September 2015,

Mr. Narendra Modi, PM of India, visited San Jose (USA) to meet the CEOs of Technology Giants, like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and so on. As he landed, he was greeted with huge welcome by the crowd, mostly Indians, awaiting for him, with great hopes about the bright future of India.

Mr. Narendra Modi, PM of India
Mr. Narendra Modi, PM of India

Interesting Facts

1. Age difference between Mr. Narendra Modi and Mark Zukerberg is more than 35 years.
2. Mark Zukerberg was suggested to visit a temple in India to find the answer and peace, by his Mentor, Late Steve Jobs (Co-founder, Apple), when FACEBOOK was growing rapidly and some other Giants were offering to buy it from him.
3. Since 1992 it has been first visit from an Indian Prime Minister to Silicon Valley, and first one to visit Facebook Headquarters.

Mr. Narendra Modi - Prime Minister of India

Mr. Narendra Modi ever since he became the president is working relentlessly towards rapid and efficient governance for the people of India. Being a visionary, he has derived multiple ways through which he can achieve this. Among the noticeable achievements, before being Prime Minister of India, he has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat – One of the most prosperous states – for 12 consecutive years, during which there has been a very remarkable growth in all the sectors in Gujarat. His efforts, as a PM, seem to be as consistent as they were when he was a CM. So the citizens of India, as well as, people around the world are very hopeful to see the India among the Best Countries in the World, to reside and work in.

In order to achieve greater efficiency in the governance, Mr. Narendra Modi has been looking forward to transform the whole system from current orthodox way to M-Governance. Through it, people of India can connect easily to the Government, which in turn can help make system work remotely though efficiently and rapidly throughout. This vision has led him to a point where he needs experts from around the world to make it a reality.

Being the Prime Minister of the Biggest Democracy and a Visionary, he chose to contact and invite none other than the Best from the Field to help him transform this vision into reality.

Founder of FACEBOOK in Support of DIGITAL INDIA
Founder of FACEBOOK in Support of DIGITAL INDIA

Mark Zukerberg and Digital India

Among all the companies, the first he visited was Facebook at the San Jose Head Quarters to meet the Founder, Mark Zukerberg. The core reason behind this is, Facebook is the most successful Social Networking site in the world, and has maximum users in India. Via Facebook, people from different parts of the world can connect to each other for different purposes, like for making friends, sharing knowledge, learning about different cultures, to expand the businesses beyond horizons through new connections and Crowd Funding, and so on. These are the attributes Mr. Narendra Modi requires in order to connect with the people of India till the farthest corner of the country. The most important of all, he believes, is sharing of Real Time Information, through which government can be updated about the events, disasters and people’s perceptions within minutes, and can act upon immediately.

Mark Zukerberg, the Founder of Facebook, has kind of same vision, but at the Global Scale. Facebook is looking forward to enhance and improve its services, so as to reach each and every person for the betterment of the world. The action of this vision is reflected in Having the same motive, Mark Zukerberg, welcomed this idea of India’s PM, Mr. Modi, and spared his valuable time for the noble cause.

Public Response

As soon as this meeting was confirmed, Mark Zukerberg started to receive questions and queries related to the motive, from around the world, via Facebook, which reached upto 40,000. Since it was about India, we can presume the most of them were generated by Indians who are interested and/or curious to know about the plans the two Visionaries were going to make and execute for efficient governance and betterment of the country.

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Rising Hopes of Prosperity

Since, the responses received by Mr. Narendra Modi from The Tech Giants, are highly positive, a lot of hopes are raised. If successfully executed, it can open a lot of new frontiers for the current and many coming generations, along with better jobs and greater prosperity.


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