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Menards - Dedicated to No Customer Service

Updated on November 14, 2013

Return Policies

Let's start with Menards sale price adjustment policy.

Sale price adjustments will be allowed during the sale of an item when this item was purchased up to 14 days prior to the sale

Returns with a Receipt within 90 Days of Purchase: For purchases made with cash or a debit card you will be issued a cash refund.

Customer Loyalty

My parents, in all of their 65 years, have spent thousands & thousands of dollars on home remodeling and various other projects. Much of that $$$ was spent with Menards.

As children growing up we were at Menards often, helping to pick out this or that for certain projects. So as adults, when we're completing a home remodel project, we of course, head right out to our local Menards before Home Depot or Lowe's (which are much, much closer to our home).

The First Refund Attempt

My parents purchased the Christmas décor pictured here before it was on sale.

Then Menards Christmas ad arrived and they noticed it was on sale and could save a considerable amount of money!

They went to a local Menards with the receipt in hand and inquired about receiving the difference back between what they paid (full price) and what the 2 deer and sleigh were now on sale for.

They were turned away at the Menards CUSTOMER service desk.

If you've ever done this before, most stores will allow you to bring the receipt back in & not the merchandise and just do a price difference refund.

NOT MENARDS obviously!

My 65 year old parents, father driving a cart around the store, not pushing, a ride on cart because he broke 8 ribs about 3 months ago and is still healing, were informed by a Menards associate that they must bring the 3 LARGE boxes back to the store with the receipt, and then they could issue this credit difference.

Hey Menards - are you kidding me? What is the point of overly inconveniencing loyal customers? Do you not know the policies of your competitors?

My parents, being the now very angry and upset, but calm consumers, left the store and planned to return a few days later with the actual 3 LARGE boxes so they could follow the ridiculous terms set forth by Menards (which are not mentioned in their return policies online I might add!)

The Second Refund Attempt

My father requested that my husband go with him to return the 3 LARGE BOXES that he couldn't carry because of the broken ribs etc. This was on 11/13/13, they set out for Menards in Burlington Wisconsin.

So now my husband is inconvenienced as well by Menards and their horrendous treatment of customers.

My husband & father arrive at the Burlington Menards store. My husband brings in the 3 boxes of Christmas décor & my father rides the cart up to the service desk.

The person behind the desk tells them that they must return & repurchase all 3 boxes.

I find this completely ridiculous, I've worked retail & customer service, it's very simple to do a price adjustment (without the merchandise there!) and then just give the customer the difference. The difference here is Menards didn't want to be accommodating to the customer, not. at. all. because it just gets worse from here.

So the cashier does her stuff and then my dad was repurchasing at the sale price.

She looks at them and informs them that they can't repurchase the ones that were just returned & they have to go to the Christmas decoration department and gather new ones (3 LARGE BOXES) and buy the new ones.

Um - WHY?!

They're the same product they just had to return due to your inconveniencing customers!

There's nothing unique about the 3 he returned and 3 others on your sales floor. They're UPC numbers, not unique to anything but the product not the boxes!

Are you just trying to be a**holes Menards? Because at this point there is no logical reason to send an injured senior citizen back to get the SAME merchandise your customer service person has sitting next to them, to repurchase it!

If anything, YOUR employees should have gone back & retrieved new (but the same) merchandise for YOUR CUSTOMER!

My father was also informed that if the merchandise was no longer available (sold out) that he MIGHT be able to purchase the ones that he just returned. ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS HERE MENARDS?


He should have been able to repurchase the ones he returned right then and there, no problems, no attitude. Just plain old simple GOOD customer service.

Never Again Menards!

After many years of shopping at Menards, I'll pick customer service & higher prices and shop the other big box home improvement stores as well as the smaller local hardware stores.

The thought of spending a dime at Menards makes me sick knowing how they treat their customers, my senior parents.

I hope you re-think your purchases at Menards also, you may need to return a purchase or obtain a price adjustment someday too.

What is customer service?

The provision of service to customers before, during, and AFTER a purchase!

I just ran across this article: 10 companies keeping customers happy

Home Depot & Lowes made that list! Are you listening Menards?

Return Policies

Do you consider return policies when making larger purchases?

See results


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    • profile image

      Roger Joliet Il 17 months ago

      purchased a chain saw for $137.00 5 weeks later its on sale for $119.00 went to store to check there price guarantee was told i was SOL Add Your Comment

    • profile image

      Stephen 2 years ago

      If sounds like your dad was being a bit of a jerk about the whole thing. Case in point: why was he keeping the boxes anyway? That tells me that he was planning on taking these back after the holidays. He just wanted to impress the neighbors for a few days and then sashay in and get his money back so he could buy some decorations for Valentines Day - hearts and stuff for the doors and windows. Menards should not have to act like a bank.

    • profile image

      cody 2 years ago

      the menards by me is always awesome with returns, no receipt, even if I used it etc.

    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 2 years ago from Minnesota

      Is the situation at Menard so tight that they lose that much money if they return a couple dollars to a customer? Sad thing is, a person shops there and is glad that Menard has such cool stuff for sale. Actually looks forward to going to Menard. I find it hard to believe that they cannot bend their guidelines when the situation arises. The Menard in our town offers an 11 percent price drop off of everything you buy. On our $4500 purchase of roofing supplies, that was a merchandise check for over $400. You're telling me that you Customer Service people need to follow guidelines? That's very sad customer service indeed. Like she said in her title. No Service. Good article. Thumbs Up!

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      Scott you did as I do, when I notice a lower price I buy it and then return with old receipt. Menards makes you jump through hoops...I just try to reduce the number of hoops :)

    • profile image

      Scott 3 years ago

      I was in a similar situation but did not go home. I purchased a cart full of interior trim at the new sale price, walked from the exit door back to the service desk and returned it using my old receipt. Their policy sucks.

    • profile image

      Karen 3 years ago


      You were at the wrong Menards then. I work for one and am at the service desk frequently... You do not need the item for an adjustment IF IT IS IN THE GUIDELINES. So maybe it was after the fourteen days or due to them being a holiday item our system may have made her do it I. Such a way. Either way... Please go to a manager next time.