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Attributes of Being a Coach

Updated on February 16, 2016

Being a mentor or coach can often be associated with teaching, coaching and training. There are many segments of society where being a coach or mentor plays an important role. We will take a look at the opportunities and challenges in the development of pursing a coach as it relates to business.

The basic idea is the transference of expertise and specific knowledge of a highly experienced person (mentor) to that of an inexperienced person (protégé) for the purpose of rapid and successful assimilation into an organization or a segment of a specific business segment.

The quality of this progression is influenced in large part by the correct paring of the " student and the teacher" the two participates. This requires taking into consideration variable personality traits, learning style preferences and even personal passions and interests in order to get things off to the right start.

Since mentoring is both art and science there is a need to build the process around subjective as well as objective goals and measurements. Striking a balance between these two components insures a much better overall result. In order for this to be done correctly it requires a broad range of abilities and skills of those that would be mentors.

Successful mentoring of new hires can be a huge benefit to the bottom line. These benefits can be calculated in specific productive gains ahead of the normal development curve. When proper mentorship is in place two key advantages can be realized.

First, there is a much better chance for avoidance of productivity loss. Secondly the likelihood of early undesirable outcomes in quality and net results is greatly increased.

In our next post we’ll uncover what are the key characteristics to being a successful mentor. Our aim will be to exam the detailed parts of why and how mentorship presents a compelling value proposition in our business and social world today.

What do you feel is the most important contribution of mentorship?

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