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Microsoft Corporation.

Updated on July 29, 2011


In this article I am going to discuss the history of Microsoft, where it started and list detailed information about the revenue growth, net revenue, its total assets and investment information. I have also listed on this page the board of directors, total of employees and so on.

History of Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bill gates and Paul Allen. This vast corporation originally started in his father basement, and is now a multinational computer technology corporation. Its current best selling products are the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Microsoft windows operating system. The Windows server 2008 was just released this last year (Oiaga, 2007).

As this Corporation continues to grow, so does its sales. In this project I am going to show the growth of the company by comparing the last two years revenues, assets, and even financial activities. By the end of this project you will be able to determine whether or not you would make a loan to the firm, buy stock, or even invest your career in this company.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a vast multinational computer technology corporation. It has grown drastically throughout its years, and its numbers reflect that growth. As of July 2008 Bill Gates will step down from his throne, and Ray Ozzie will be the new Chairman (Wright, 2006). Gates being the largest stockholder in the company with 300,000 shares, has filed with regulators to sell $28.5 million dollars worth of his stock (thurrott, 2000).

When the company had announced this major announcement they were in fear that stocks would plummet and the company would loose sales, but infact they stayed strong and consistent.

Microsoft’s corporate office is located on Microsoft Way, Redmond Wa 98052.

Board of Directors

(Last Updated: March 26, 2007)

Board of Directors

Steven A. Ballmer

Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Corporation

James I. Cash Jr., Ph.D.

James E. Robison Professor & Senior Associate Dean, Emeritus, HarvardBusinessSchool

Dina Dublon

Former Chief Financial Officer, JPMorgan Chase

William H. Gates III

Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

Raymond V. Gilmartin

Former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Merck & Co., Inc.

Reed Hastings

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Netflix, Inc.

David F. Marquardt

General Partner, August Capital

Charles H. Noski

Former Vice Chairman, AT&T Corporation

Dr. Helmut Panke

Former Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW AG


(Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2008)

Current Employment Headcount, Location,Employees

Worldwide 95,828,USA 57,588,Puget Sound (Washington State)41,480

Reported Gender Breakout (USA)


Male, 43,019, 74.7%

Female, 14,569, 25.3%

Reported Age Breakout (USA)

Age Range, Employees,Percentage

29 or Under ,10,441, 18.1%

30-39, 26,290 Employees, 45.7%

40+, 20,857 Employees,36.2%

Headcount and revenue growth for investment information.

1)Fiscal Year Ending, 2) Head Count,3)Net Revenue ,4) US$Growth, 5)Net Income (US$),Growth.

1)June 30, 2008, 2)91,259, 3)$60.42B, 4)18%, 5)$17.68B,

1)June 30, 2007, 2) 78,565, 3)$51.12B, 4)15%, 5)$14.07B

1)June 30, 2006, 2)71,172, 3)$44.28B, 4)11%, 5) $12.60B

1)June 30, 2005, 2)61,000, 3)$39.79B, 4)8%, 5)$12.25B

Microsoft Subsidiaries

Microsoft Corporation has subsidiary offices located in the following countries and regions:

Microsoft Subsidiaries


El Salvador,Luxembourg,Senegal,Australia,Estonia,Macao SAR,Serbia,Austria,Finland, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Singapore,Azerbaijan,France,Malaysia,Slovakia, Bahrain,Germany,Malta,Slovenia,Bangladesh,Greece,Mauritius,South Africa,Belgium,Guatemala,Mexico,Spain,Bermuda,Honduras,Montenegro,Sri Lanka,Bolivia,Hong Kong SAR,Morocco,Sweden,Bosnia & Herzegovina,Hungary,Namibia,Switzerland,Brazil,Iceland,Netherlands,Taiwan,Brunei etc.

(Fun facts about microsoft, n.d.)

Deoitte&Touche llp is Microsoft’s independent auditor. Shareholders vote on the auditor annually in the company meetings.


This project was based on information obtained from the Microsoft Corporation web address, and the United States exchange Commission annual report. A vertical analysis and horizontal analysis was formed from the years 2007 and 2008, along with a analysis reflecting wither there was an increase or decrease of the fiscal years.

Analysis for fiscal year June 30th 2007 and June 30th 2008

2007 2008

Total Revenue 51,122,000 60,420,000

Gross Profit 40,429,000 48,822,000

Operating income 18,524 22,492

Net income 14,065,000 17,681,000

Earnings per share basic 1.44 1.90

Working capitol 16,414 13,356

Total assets 63,171 72,793

Total liabilities 23,754 29,886

Shareholders equity 60,557 62,849


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