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Midlife Career Change Advice - A Complete Change Of Career Path

Updated on September 10, 2014
Do you have the power?
Do you have the power? | Source

Is a Midlife Career Change Worth Your Consideration?

Considering a midlife career change? Changing career paths can entirely become an intimidating idea. However, the number of adults in the workforce who have changed careers rises dramatically. The average worker will change careers three times over the course of their life, and it seems possible that number may grow even more in the near future.

There are a number of reasons you might contemplate a change of careers, beyond a simple unhappiness in your current job. If you are unable to advance further in your current career, especially without a great deal more education, you may want to switch positions to one that can allow you to grow further. Your interests and abilities may have developed beyond the point where a specific field is able to hold your attention.

If you have decided on a complete change of career path, your next step must be deciding on your new career. The easiest way to do so is often to simply list jobs you have an interest in and begin eliminating them.

You might be able to eliminate particular jobs by considering the experience and education necessary, by considering the opportunities available in that field or by looking at your long-term goals. Lastly, you might consider seeking out opportunities to try out a given field, perhaps on a temporary or volunteer basis, to see if you actually enjoy the work.

No matter what field you decide to explore, you will need to decide what skills you have that will help you in a new position and which you will need to acquire. If you are at mid career you will need to create a new resume, pitching yourself to employers hiring for your new career path, and you may want to prepare yourself to work in a position with less responsibility than your last. Changing careers can be a great deal of work.

Many individuals question whether changing careers is a viable option - whether it is worth it. It is an individual choice, but if you are willing to put the necessary work into the process, it can be well worthwhile.

Take Second Career Tests

The first step for changing careers is to take a free career interest test from O*net:

O*Net Interest Profiler has 60 questions related to work activities with 5 choices starting from strongly dislike to strongly like for each question.

The report shows what you like to do along with suggested careers for you to explore. Once done you'll see the RIASEC interest profiler result and be directed to Job Zones page to pick a job zone. Using the job zone and your interest the Profiler will show you careers that might be right for you.

Career Change Poll

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    • sanasiddiqui profile image

      sanasiddiqui 2 years ago

      Good tips, career can be change at any time according to interest or need.

    • profile image

      Kim 7 years ago

      Well I think career change at a time when you have given most of your time to a particular career is a tough deal . Unless one is not sure about what one wanna pick up next he/she shouldn't make a move .

      However here's a career test link I would like to share with you'll . I'm sure it can help someone whose having career crisis.

      Discover your Career Skills

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