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Mini Site: What Is a Mini Site?

Updated on October 1, 2009

Chances are you've happen across a Mini Site or two, if you've spent any time on the World Wide Web.

Do you know what a Mini Site is?

Many Internet users may not have even heard of the term, and don't know what a Mini Site is.

A mini site is a website that consists of just a couple web pages, or in many instances, only one page, and nearly all mini websites concentrate on a specific service or product. The main page of the site is often (but not always) a tightly focused one topic sales letter, and it can be on any topic that you can possibly imagine. If you take a look at sites like Amazon and eBay, you’ll see that they sell everything under the sun, not a Mini Site. Again most are designed to sell a single product, which is more often than not an information product.

The idea of a mini site, at first glance might sound ridiculous

On the World Wide Web, how can someone make an impression with a single page?

And how in the world, can they hope to sell anything with a mini site when they're up against so many bigger well organized sites?

Every portion of a mini site is designed to sell a product. Each page will include some type of a catch to the product; also the superior mini sites will create sales like funnel, leading the visitor from one page of content to the next page of content, convincing them to buy the product has they read the content page or pages. The sale itself is the ultimate last part of the funnel.

A range of other advanced sales techniques might be employed by more advance mini sites, for example:

1. Up sell, (The product that the customer initially expressed an interest in is replace with a higher price product.)

2. Cross sell, (Would you like fries with your hamburger?)

But the truth is that mini sites make a lot of sense when you have found a niche or a small market, or even a specific product that is selling well. This is because the good sites are based on a targeted niche. Niche marketing is an effort to connect with and sell to a particular group of consumers based on what they like. It also involves what services, products or information you have to offer these target markets. You can get a constant stream of income going with a mini site, by choosing a topic that isn't widely covered and offering a profitable product.

That is it!

You don't have to have your own unique product to sell and that is one of the greatest things about having a mini sites. You can write an electronic book or create an online course on a popular subject if you are so inclined, but that's not necessary. You can sell products that other people created, if you want to get started immediately.

You can do this by joining affiliate programs (An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant who pays a commission for any sales you send the merchant from shoppers visiting your mini site.) or purchasing resale rights to information products.

Resale rights basically mean something that you can take and sell to others and keep all the profit for yourself.

There are a few different types of resale rights and I just want to talk about them for a split second.

The three types of resale rights you usually find are:

1. Resale rights, once you purchase a product with Resale Rights, you can use it for your own private use, and you are also allowed to sell it to your customers.

2. Private label rights, basically give you the rights to products such as electronic books, software, written articles, and other items that you can change to fit your needs and call it your own.

3. Master resale rights are the same as normal resale rights with one critical difference. With master resale rights, the individual who buys from you also gets the resale rights to the product.

Building a Mini Site can be very rewarding if you build it correctly and follow proven steps. You can set up your mini site so that the whole thing is completely automated, including product delivery.

There is a proper method to creating successful Mini Sites, and the success of a Mini Site is completely related to the procedure the flow and component that the Mini Site has.

The most successful mini sites MIGHT bring in several hundred, or even several thousand dollars a month. Instead of a flood of cash, most mini sites, on the other hand, will bring in a trickle.

But you don't have to stop at one mini site.

By creating multiple niche subject mini sites will give you multiple revenue streams that could hold up for many years to come.

Creating mini sites is a wonderful way to generate passive income.

What is passive income? Although it may require a lot of work to get it started, passive income is income from a resource that doesn’t require any active work to generate income.

Again, there is work involved in the beginning and best of all, you can get started with little or no technical know-how, but after everything is set up, it's simply a matter of reaping the rewards. Mini Sites: Are Mini web sites best for you?

Mini site, Mini site, what is a Mini site?


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