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Mobile Oil Change Business Marketing How To

Updated on February 15, 2015


Once you have purchased your equipment and are ready to start your new mobile oil change business, then next thing you need to do is build a decent customer base. The most commonly used and most effective means of marketing the onsite oil change business is by using a low key approach. This approach, also known as low stress sales, is effective because people don’t really need to be sold on servicing their vehicles. An oil change is something everyone with a vehicle needs. The most commonly used low key approach is handing out flyers to your potential customers and informing them of the services that you offer. Below are several sales pitches used by Timesaver Oil and Lube to gain new customers.  Feel free to use these pre-written speeches to market your own mobile oil change business.


Client Presentation

Hand your flyer to the person and say:

“Hello. My name is (your name). We have a new service available to the area. Our business is called (name of your business). What we do is come here with a self-contained van that allows us to do complete oil, lube and filter change on any car or truck right outside in the parking lot. It is more convenient than wasting a lunch break at Jiffy Lube or losing your car for the day at a dealer. “

Then point to the flyer and say:

“What we do is, using Pennzoil oil and Pennzoil filters, we change your oil and oil filter, lubricate the chassis, top and fill all your fluids, and safety check these remaining items, all for (your price here). It’s a lot more convenient than what you’ve had to do in the past. Also, once you are a customer of ours, we take responsibility for contacting you every three months to remind you the service needs to be done again. So, if you would like to try our service just call this number and we will make an appointment at your convenience. Thank you!”

Another successful but brief client presentation is:

“Hi! My name is (your name). (Hand flyer to person). This is a new service we are offering in the area. We do a complete oil, lube and filter change right here, outside in the parking lot for just (your price). Give us a call if you would like to give our service a try. Thank You!

Presentation to a fleet operator

No matter whom you speak with initially, always use the client presentation to start. If you know going in or the client tells you he is a fleet operator, then open your presentation book and say:

“For fleet operators such as yourself we prepare a Fleet Maintenance Log like this one (point to the Fleet Maintenance Log Sheet and let the customer take a look at it). It stays here in the office as a permanent record of all information pertinent to your fleet. Here’s how it works. We list your vehicles by plate numbers or a number you have chosen. Each vehicle has its own sheet. For no additional charge, we come once a month, take the log, go out into the yard, log the mileage and, once the vehicle has gone the predetermined mileage upon which you and I agree, the service is done. If the vehicle has not met the mileage then no service will be done and no service will be charged. This way you have a professional looking at and servicing your fleet on a regular basis. Because we perform the service on-site and only when the vehicles are not in use, you will have no vehicle down time and save money and time getting better use out of your vehicles and personnel. All that we ask is that you think about it and if you are interested we will come out and survey your fleet and give you an exact price on what the service will cost. Thank you!"


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