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Modules of Oracle E-Business Suite Training

Updated on August 3, 2015


Training in Oracle EBS or E-Business Suite applications includes the following modules:

Customer Relationship Management

Sales and Service Management

Financial Management

Human Capital Management

Project Management

Order Management

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Business Intelligence

EBS applications help organizations across the globe in business management by offering valuable tools. Irrespective of the number of employees or size of an organization, EBS explains methodologies which bring maximum ROI without much resource loss. There are solutions to manage both national and international business environments in EBS applications.

Training in any of these programs is very important for under-graduates and/or post graduates with BBA, B. Com, MBA and M. Com degrees in accounting and finance in India. Apart from graduates, employees acting as accountants, auditors, financial advisors, account managers, financial managers, service managers and project managers will need training in either one or more above mentioned modules of Oracle EBS.


Oracle Customer Relationship Management:

Oracle’s Customer Relationship Management poses a tough competition to other CRM tools in the market like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. It is still of the acclaimed most acclaimed training and certification programs in CRM. Learn everything about how to utilize the tool in maintaining and managing a healthy relationship with clientele. Furthermore there are various sub modules in Oracle CRM like Service Management, Order Management and Marketing Strategies.

Some useful resources for Oracle CRM training are:

Oracle Sales and Service Management:

Oracle Sales and Services management training explains about handling sales and service departments at all levels in an organization. Managerial skills are sharpened with the help of this training program. Employees with job responsibilities like handling prospects, contracts and everything else till deal closure can pursue this training. Sales processes and operations can be easily automated by implementing these concepts.

Oracle Financial Management:

It explains about the following modules: General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Accounting, Tax Fundamentals, Financial Applications and Asset Management. The concepts help in increasing accounting process efficiency in the company, understanding the ledger management, offers payable options, explains various work benches and period closure process and many other concepts related to 7 modules of Oracle Financial Training.

Books for oracle financial:

The latest version of this book is here:

Some useful videos are:

Oracle Human Capital Management:

The course is intended shape the HR activities and business processes in an organization. Jobs that demand expertise in the entire recruitment process from an HR manager require training in Oracle Human Capital Management. The training develops a knowledge base about all HR activities like recruitment, appraisal management for the employees and payroll activities.

Oracle Project Management:

Oracle Project management training and solutions teach about how to handle a complete project from scratch to its delivery. The employee can manage Lifecycle of a project by integrating all the activities in a single application. The training program teaches how to effectively choose and assign resources, to configure execution process and deliver a project. Professionals belonging to the following departments are eligible to pursue this training: management, accounting, analytics, contracts, collaboration, resource management, costing and billing for a business project. Even if a manager is low on managerial and technical skills; this training program equips him/her well enough with these skills.

This is the most useful book for Project Management training:

Order Management and Supply Chain Management:

Oracle does not provide an official training program for Order management but there are institutes elsewhere across the globe offering training in Order Management and Oracle Supply Chain Management. Order management is the classical method for fulfilling the order of any business process. Everything related to order and delivery of a product or service can be handled by order managers or professionals with OM skills. Supply Chain Management aids organizations to work together to yield maximum profit. OSCM implements a data model where companies can have all the supply chain data integrated within a single application.

Check out these YouTube videos for reference:

Oracle Business Intelligence (popularly known as OBIEE):

OBIEE is one of the most important training programs in E-Business Suite. The training modules teach about overview of BI applications, analysis, security, action links, navigation and deployment options for applications management. The Oracle Business Intelligence Applications provide the users with a complete, practical and enterprise-wide insight into business processes.

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