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Mompreneur tips-Taking Marketing Offline

Updated on April 10, 2011

Working at home is never easy. Work at Home Moms have very busy schedules and are often caught up in the daily grind that they sometimes get detached from society, friends and relatives.

Being at home their only interaction is with the kids and online with clients and friends. There is limited interaction with other adults and itt can feel quite lonely at times.Sometimes the feeling can be overwhelming as you may feel being alienated from the community and only existing with the virtual community that you have built up.

How to network while you unwine

Here are a few tips on how your can enjoy yourself while taking your marketing offline.

1.Make time for social appointments

While being outside the house you get to mingle with other people.By spending time with your friend you are also allowing them to get a better understanding of what you do as a mompreneur and how you operate your home business. At a gathering with friends you can get introduce to other friends of them who may in turn become your potential client or business partner. It doesn't hurt to build up a broader network which you can tap on if ever the need arises.

2. Take the time to build up relationships

Giving the gift of time is the best way to build up relationships with other. I'm sure that you are able to get a better understanding of the other person through a face to face meeting rather then chatting with them virtually. Getting out once in a while for coffee not only gives you a chance to meet with other people, you also get a chance to be updated about the latest happenings in your friend's life and exchange stories and tips among each other. It can be a very mentally stimulating afternoon sipping coffee with close friends at a neighbouring cafe.

3. Learn to take things slow and enjoy the finer moments in life

The pleasures of sinking my teeth into a rich cheesecake and sipping on an iced drink is definitely more pleasing and inviting then sitting at the computer and busy typing away while completing a client's project. Just being able to sit back and list to the soft music in the cafe can have a therapeutic effect on ones soul. It is definitely uplifting

4. Breathing in new inspiration and creativity

Sometimes being cooped up at home all the time can be draining on your inspiration and your level of creativity. Being in a new environment can help one become rejuvenated and get your creative juices flowing.As they say having something different may set off sparks in your mind.


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