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Money Making in Reverse - Is It Possible

Updated on July 7, 2016

Sales Items

So, you see an item on the clearance rack. You purchase it for its reduced price with your paypal card.. You then list it on an auction site for what you paid for it, or maybe you ask a dollar or two extra, just to cover your gas to get the item to the post office.

But Wait, you're not going to the post office. You are printing your postage from your own printer and you are putting your items in a package and the mailman is picking it up at your house. Not only have you saved on gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle, but you've saved on postage. Have you made money?

So, your item sells. Let's say you purchased a bunch of said items for a small price and listed them all. Let's say you listed them for full price. Then, you print out your mailing labels to your new customers and receive a discount for your mailer.

Then, Paypal tells you that you've saved money by purchasing the items with your card and puts money back into your account.

Voila. Money making in reverse. So, now you've made money on your postage, package and on your original purchase. Let's say the net value was a savings of $3. Now if you had forty items for sale, you'd have made $120.

And, never left the house.

Thus Encouraged You Repeat the Process

So, as you repeat the process, and save money on all your things, you are making money in reverse. It is your rewards, and the quantity of which, that adds to your increased revenue.

But, maybe I am wrong. Maybe you cannot make money in reverse. Maybe you end up broke, penniless, having to scrape gum off of random chairs so that you have something to chew on.

Can it get that ridiculously bad?


Perhaps I will have to study eBay and see what items people have multiples of. Doesn't that make sense that they are successful in buying the original and selling multitudes of them?

It makes a little sense.

I worked with a woman who previous to knowing me, had a hobby of doing just that, but her and her previous coworker, would purchase items on the clearance rack, and instead of listing them for what they paid for them, plus a couple dollars, would list their item for obscure amounts like, one dollar, one penny.

They would each put up an auction, and would have races to see who could get bids on their item soonest.

It Was Entertaining to Them

Entertaining. They did it for the thrill, not for the random dollar that they were getting.

To them, it was just a challenge. A game. They rationalized that they'd be wasting the money on something anyways, why not spend it on something on an auction arrangement.

From Your Computer

You could hypothetically purchase something on an online store, like Amazon, and potentially continue selling your products.

Just for something to do. In your spare time. When you were just feeling like wasting time.

Time you'd be wasting anyways, so what would be the difference.

Well. Good luck. Hope you're inspired.

Have a good day!


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