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Motivation in Management

Updated on October 18, 2015

What is Motivation

Motivation is a means of inspiring people to perform in order to achieve their targets. In relation to work, some emotional factors that affect people’s attitude are the need for money, fame, appreciation, success, team work etc. The need to create eagerness in employees to perform well in their tasks is of utmost importance. Hence a leader’s job is to create performance related interest in employees to accomplish their tasks.

Importance of Motivation

Better utilization of human resources: Human resources can be utilized better through motivation. Due to this, the organization will be able to productively utilize resources.

Improves efficiency of employees: To achieve the best performance quality from employees, there should be no gap between ability and passion at work. This helps employees in improving their performance levels. This also leads to an Increase in productivity, Improves efficiency in general and Reduces operative costs.

Achievement of organizational goals: Motivation gives rise to perfect resource utilization and a harmonious work environment is achieved. It also helps in achieving organizational targets at a faster pace.

Stability of work force: The Stability of workforce is an important factor with respect to the status and interest of an organization. Employees tend to remain faithful to an organization only if there is a feeling of participation on their part. The employee’s competency and skills will always be in favor for them. Hence a reputation is the earned in the market that will attract skilled and deserving people into the organization.

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Model

Motivation is the inspiration needed to manage desires and tackle the employees. People’s attitude is found to be target driven. Motivation is the cause for this target driven attitude. To understand this, you need to learn the manager’s hierarchy of needs. Human attitudes are mainly a result of our individual desires. Hence, the hierarchy of needs has to be understood by managers. Maslow proposed The Need Hierarchy Model, which is explained below. The needs are categorized as follows in the order below:

Physiological needs: This comprises of the individual’s essential needs, namely, shelter, air, water, food, clothing etc. These needs are important for the management and survival of human life.

Safety needs: These needs are job security, safety of property, protection against danger and so on and are of equal importance for human beings.

Social needs: Social needs arise from the society. Man is known to be a social animal and hence these needs gain importance. Some such needs are love, friendship, affection, sense of belonging, communication, etc.

Esteem needs: These needs arise from the need for self-esteem, appreciation and respect from others.

Self-actualization needs: These needs are of those people whose above mentioned four needs are met and this is of utmost importance. Some such needs are need for social service, meditation etc.


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    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Although i am unfamiliar with the Maslow model, I thank you for introducing me to it. Motivation in any form is outstanding. I will be studying this particular arena more carefully as I have great interest.

    • profile image

      tobusiness 4 years ago

      Great Information, I learned the Maslow model years ago it is still so relevant, I guess our needs doesn't really change.