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Mutual Trust Is The Mantra For Success

Updated on March 2, 2015

Mutual Trust And Relationships

They say that no battle is won alone.

In other words, one cannot expect to achieve success through isolation.

So it is said that you tend to slip if you work in a vacuum or shell.

The monarchs, the leader, the chief, are given their stature and value only by the raging teams behind them. These are the teams that have implicit trust and complete belief in their leaders. And these are the teams that the leader in turn, has complete faith in. This is what leads to success. Hence the values of trust, belief and confidence are rare yet important qualities to embody. This would result in consistency, interconnection and in short an unit that works together and triumphs together.

However, today’s corporate business is filled with insecurity as employees are too competitive and as a result the trust is lost. Leaders project a negative image and are viewed upon like monarchs who tend to work behind closed doors. On the contrary, a leader has to resonate with trust such that every worker is inspired by the example and is willing to follow the leaders’ instruction, even in times of risk. Trust is not achieved alone. It is a shared concept. Not only do leaders have to generate employee trust in them but also show trust in the abilities of their workers. Both the worker and leader have to trust each other.

A leader has to leave behind his ‘I’, his sense of sole authority and importance. To impart trust one needs to work as a team member and not always as a chief. Originality, innovation and greater efficiency will result.

Management guru Peter Drucker mentions that the leaders who work most effectively, never say ‘I’, and that’s not because they have trained themselves not to say ‘I.’ It is just because they don’t think ‘I.’. They always think ‘we’ and they think ‘team’ and understand that their primary objective is to make that team function. They accept responsibility and don’t sidestep it, but instead accept it and see that it is ‘we’ who gets the credit. This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done.

Every leader resonates with the values that he upholds. Therefore to build confidence, remember your principles and values, even in times of difficulty. It is only then the leaders are looked up to and trusted and that your credibility is not lost. Live by your values, work as hard as your head, falter with grace and win with humility.

When given a rigid schedule, employees tend to only slip away. However, if they are trusted, their performance excels as well as their belief in the leader grows. Employees working within strict, non-flexible frameworks are bound to feel antagonistic towards the leadership and management.

A sense of involvement is necessary which can be generated when they form an integral part of decision making, or problem solving techniques that relate to their work. Leaders often hold on to every important task and do not take inputs. On the contrary, leaders have to trust their workforce and let go which would lead to a much productive and better workforce.

The leader who plays favorites and does not treat all with respect will face difficulties. For a leader to be trusted he has to exude fairness and honesty. Rude behavior, an arrogant attitude only depicts self-importance and lack of respect for others. Playing favorites results in loss of internal co-operation. But a leader who treats everyone equally is looked up to. Reward the worker who excels, but never be unfair or unjust. Give everyone their due importance.

Trust is not created in an isolated position. Managers, leaders have to communicate clearly with their peers and subordinates for them to follow the leaders’ goals, paths and methods of functions. Secrecy only leads to hostility. Further, a leader has to always be honest in his communication especially when there is a problem.

Honesty, integrity, trust seems like virtues or even words of another era, not applicable to the current, rapid, transient and volatile corporate world. But behind every story of permanent and repeated success is the principle of trust-employee trust in the leadership and the leaders’ trust of their employees.

At the end of the day, when you look back, you note that your life is one big obstacle race, with you being the chief obstacle. In other words, if your focus is always on yourself, you will never be able to build successful and positive relationships. So, always leave your ego at the door!

In short, mutual trust is the mantra for success.


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