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My Dream: Motivational Speaking.

Updated on June 16, 2016

Eric Thomas


Les Brown


What and Who has Inspired me?

Ever hear of Eric Thomas? Les Brown? Those are the names of individuals who have single handedly changed this world for the better. How so? By motivating people. By inspiring people to do great things. By motivating others to want more in there lives. For example, Eric Thomas shares his story to show people that it doesn't matter how grim or bleak things seem, there's always a way out with hard work and dedication. Eric Thomas talks about being a high school dropout, taking 12 years to a 4 year degree. He talks about being homeless, living inside abandoned buildings, eating out garage cans, and going from nothing to something. Her went from being homeless to being quite possibly the greatest motivational of all time. This is, for me, the most inspiring story you could ever come across. If this doesn't make you believe you cam do anything that you set your mind to then I'm not sure what will.


Whenever I tell people about my goals of being a motivational speaker, it usually starts with them laughing. That's right. Laughing. Afterwards they ask me why. Why? This is just something that I am extremely passionate about. I want people to remember me for what I've done. I want people to remember me as someone who didn't quit, someone who persevered through his trial and tribulations. I want people to remember me as someone who was a grinder. I want to be remembered as someone who never gave up on his dreams. Most of all, I just want to motivate others and change their lives for the better. I want to leave my mark on this world and change the entirety of it for centuries to come. In order for me to do that, I'll have to put everything that I have into this.

How much does a Motivational Speaker earn?

The top motivational speakers make upwards of about $80,000 per speech. That's right, 80 grand for one speech. It's not even about the money for me though, it's about changing peoples lives for the better.

How Will I do it?

This is the only thing that I'm not quite sure about. I've started a Facebook page, posted an ad on Craigslist, and applied for numerous online writing jobs to help my crafting of speeches. The absolute most important thing that I need to do is not give up. Most people give up on their dreams due to fear. They are afraid to try something that isn't really safe, or they are simply lazy. People don't want to go through the struggles to make their dreams come true. Most people complain about their situation with their jobs, family, and everything in between. But do they do anything about it? No. This is where I will be a member of an in uncommon breed and simply want more to life than what is immediately offered.

A Bit of Motivation for the Road?

Most people today are just content with being an ordinary citizen working a 9:00-5:00 job and just doing enough to get by. These people aren't going anywhere. These people will die one day knowing that there was a possibility that they could have done more. They will go to the grave KNOWING they still had beautiful ideas to offer society but never got the opportunity to offer them. To me this is just sad. Is this the way you want to end up? Is this the way you want your life to be? I know that I sure don't. The thing that differentiates me from everyone else is that I KNOW what I not only want to accomplish but what I NEED to accomplish. I have a dream! I can't let anybody stop me from living my dream. This includes myself! The problem with most of y'all is that the one person stopping you from achieving your goals, the ONE person stopping you from living your dream is YOU. You are the only person who can physically, emotionally, and mentally stop yourself from doing what you really want to do. Let me tell you something, I am only 17 years old. 17. I already KNOW what I'm going to have to do. I know what I want to do more than some grown ass men and women want to do. Let me tell you guys something. I'm a wrestler. My freshmen year I won just one match. ONE MATCH. I got pinned almost every single time I stepped on the mat. I was NOT about to let that stop me. By my junior year came around I started off 5-1 heading into counties. My mom was in jail at the time. There was 32 kids in my chart. I kept telling myself that in order for me to enjoy my birthday that was coming up in a few days I HAD to place in this tournament for her. I came in seeded 10th. I went 5-2 at the tournament for a 7th place finish. I won two matches by one and one by 3. You have to listen to me. I GOT PINNED ALMOST EVERY SINGLE MATCH AS A FRESHMAN. Almost every match. I did not quit! I couldn't quit for the life of me! My body and mind told me to keep at it. I kept at, I didn't quit, and I placed at one of the biggest tournaments in the state of Michigan. I had a why. I had something bigger than myself, my mom was in jail and I TOLD MYSELF THAT I HAD TO DO IT FOR HER. Listen to what I'm telling you. I am telling you that all you need to achieve your goals is determination, inspiration, motivation, perseverance and a why. After you have those things nothing will stop you. I'm just here trying to touch each and every individuals lives and make them want more in their life just like Eric Thomas and Les Brown did for me.


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