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My EZOnline Store Scam Or Not

Updated on July 19, 2012

While looking into avenues of creating an eCommerce store, MyEZOnlineStore came up on You Tube, Squidoo and Hubpages so I thought why not check it out.

Now, the reviews say that MyEZOnlineStore is legitimate and they provide you with the tools to set up your own eCommerce store quickly and easily.

This is the complete opposite of what I experienced, in fact I didn't even get past the log-in stage.

My EZ Online Store
My EZ Online Store | Source

What Happened

After seeing the You Tube videos promising I would have my own online store up and running in no time at all, I decided to take a look on Hubpages for a review, which I found a number of.

The three that I looked at, all written by the same author, shared both the good and bad points about the MyEZOnlineStore and they seemed like fairly honest reviews.

I clicked on the link provided by the Author which directed me to the home page for MyEZOnlineStore. Now to me, the homepage does not look professional at all (see pic).

Notice that the information on the homepage is a basically a bunch of letters that do not even make words.

If you click the "New Products" tab it is the same as the home page, useless.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
My EZ Online StoreCan not be found
My EZ Online Store
My EZ Online Store | Source
Can not be found
Can not be found | Source

Even though the site looked like complete rubbish to me I decided to sign up anyway.

I filled in the necessary information (see pic) which then directed me to check my email to complete the registration. Sure enough, there was an email advising me that my new online store has successfully been set up and that I can log-in through the provided link.

I clicked this link and the site was not able to be found. I went back to MyEZOnlineStore and there is no link on the site for members to log-in.

I left comments on all three of the reviews on Hubpages, on 20Th May 2012, advising that I that the sign in link went nowhere and I haven't received a response yet.

My Conclusion

All signs point to scam for MyEZOnlineStore. Now even though the information I provided was not particularly sensitive, I am wondering exactly where that information has gone and what it will be used for if anything.

Why would someone go to the trouble of setting up this site that does nothing and goes no where? Why would they go to all the trouble of writing reviews and making You Tube videos?


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