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My Experience As A Seasonal Employee

Updated on September 13, 2014

The Rundown

The choices I've made places me in the position I am in today. I have already had my car repossessed and now I am in fear of losing my home of only two years. I went through a loan modification last year and now this year I am trying to find a job so that I can replace the loss of income from my seasonal job. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made- taking on a seasonal job. I thought that getting my foot in the door with a federal position would lead to a better career. I was willing to give up everything and I did when I quit my $13.00 an hour full time, permanent job for a position with more money an hour but for shorter time throughout the year. The question kept being asked, “How long do you normally get released for a seasonal furlough?” Human resources was always quick to answer while giving us the hope that we didn't need to worry. The longest release only lasted 4 to 6 weeks at the most.

First year after training we were released in June of 2011. We didn't get back to work until January 2012. So much for a short release. I wasn't prepared and I got so far in debt. I was fortunate enough to find another seasonal position with a retail merchandiser. I worked and did overtime to try and catch up. I was feeling hopeful and content. I thought, Hey maybe this won't be so bad after all. Due to the position being only seasonal I accepted the chance to go back to my permanent seasonal position for we never have to reapply this is our jobs to work when we are told and to leave without pay when they didn't need us or couldn't afford us.

In 2012 there was no release. I was happy and content and then I had a hiccup with my health and was out for 2 weeks plus. I was still trying to play catch up with my bills such as my car note and mortgage but I was hopeful. In 2013 we were released. I was notified same day that I had my car repossessed. I sent in a partial of my overdue bill just a week before. I woke up to no car. I called and the only way I could save my car was if I had the past due amount which was roughly $1100.00. Due to the seasonal release before I didn't have enough going in to my retirement to take out the monies and ended up losing my only means of transportation besides the city bus. If my anxiety wasn't out of control then it sure was by that time. I wanted to give up the fight but pride was more important so I sucked it up and worked hard at trying to keep my house. I never stopped applying to jobs. I didn't care if it was a temporary assignment and or only making $10 an hour. I needed to stay afloat. In 2013 while on seasonal release I found no work. We got a call to start back working with my ongoing seasonal job in October of that year. 2 weeks in we received notification that we weren't needed after all. We were released again. I was fed up. I of course continued my job search.

This year we worked 5 months and was released. Here we go again. That's the title of the song that represents my life. It has now been 2.5 months and without a steady income. I am losing my mind. No one wants to be at home collecting unemployment benefits that will soon run out. I want a job. I am not holding my hand out for anyone to take care of me. I want a job.

I guess the bottom line here is this: If you don't have a sugar daddy on the side, don't ever take a seasonal job. Weigh the pros and cons because sometimes what sounds good isn't always a benefit for you when speaking on long term goals. You know the saying If I knew then what I know now. Yes that sums it up.



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