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My Thrilling Experience Selling Things Online

Updated on June 27, 2017


Fidget Spinners. This is the toy that is turning everyone's heads, it is creating quite the buzz and it is the one item that is really in. This is also the item that really compelled me into trying out selling online at a well known online marketplace in Indonesia called Tokopedia. As the sheer amount of fidget spinner being sold really piqued my interest, financially speaking of course. Also the fact that Tokopedia serves as an escrow between buyer and seller I would not have to worry about being robbed and cheated.

Tokopedia is the biggest online marketplace in Indonesia, with over a million users. And fidget spinners are selling like hot cakes over there with prices ranging from around $1-$10 (after converting from Rupiah to Dollars). Hence, started my journey to Selling things online.

Let's Not Fidget.

One thing that I have learned is not to get too excited. After deciding to venture into an online selling, I opened a seller account in Tokopedia and I did a bulk purchase of Fidget Spinners from Alibaba in China.

After studying the marketplace, especially in the fidget spinners department, I decided may be I will not sell Fidget Spinner. One reason is the fierce and cutthroat competition amongst fidget spinner sellers. I decided to find something new and unique, that way I would not get drowned out by the old and experienced sellers selling fidget spinners.

However, It was too late the purchase has already been made and the supplier already shipped the goods I have already purchased and I need to sell. But I had to find something else to sell. I can't just sell fidget spinners. God knows I will not be able to make a good profit knowing how tight the competition is.

So I decided to find something new and I found this interesting toy called Inductive Car. Which is essentially a toy car that has a sensor under it that enables the car to follow a line that you draw on a paper with a marker. I checked in Tokopedia and found out that this toy did not even exist yet!

So I decided to purchase this toy from Alibaba.

The Unforeseen Headache

As with every new venture we start, we are bound to come into a road block. Mine came in the form of customs. As I have said, I purchased my goods from China, little did I know that I needed some sort of permit for importing toys from China. I knew I needed some sort of permit, but I purchased a very small amount, it was not like I purchased a whole container or anything.

So my purchase of fidget spinner was being held by customs and took quite a while for it to pass the customs inspection for which I had to again pay a hefty sum which will now come into my cost. The fidget spinner is still in the hands of DHL as I write this. I have not taken from them or paid them the amount for release as yet, as there is a long holiday right now in Indonesia, and there is no point to pay such a sum only for it to sit in my house.

The good news is that it has cleared customs, bad news is it took way too long and way too expensive. But I will take this as a lesson learned. The inductive car toy, however, had a rather smooth sailing and I received it within a week of it being sent from China!

So I guess the customs must be taking random parcels for checking and my fidget spinner was one of the parcel was chosen to be inspected, unfortunately. Oh well.

Show Me The Money!

As soon as my Inductive Car Toy parcel arrived I wasted no time in opening my online shop in Tokopedia input all my datas and details of the goods with photos and videos of them. And I am In Business!

Day 1: Super excited!!!

Day 2: Happy, Keep looking and waiting nervously for an order!!

Day 3: May be today! Never give up hope! My stuff is the best!




Day 10: Oh My God! What in God's green earth have I done!!! I made a mistake!!

While this mental disarray was going in, my superb wife showed this toy to her friends who also have kids of similar age to my daughter. They were all excited and loved the toy and she straight away sold 13 pieces!

Goes to show that many a time offline still beats Online when it comes to doing business. Thanks to my wife for showing me that I should also, sometimes, lift my head up from my gadget and take a look at the real world and the people around you.

Conclusion: My Sale So Far.

As of this writing I have told only 2 pieces in Tokopedia. I don't blame the marketplace. I blame it on the fact that I am still new to this game. To blame Tokopedia is the same as blaming Hubpages when you have just started and you expect to make a couple of hundred bucks on your first month here. It is just not realistic.

What I can tell you is that, those first two order from Tokopedia which came in the form of a notification from the Tokopedia app, was just so exciting. I just went giddy with joy and excitement when I received that notifications.

I got my second order today. However, the courier service that my customer asked for was not opened today. So I called the courier service and they said that their main branch was opened. And the main branch as bit far from my house. But I did not care. I went there today and I shipped his order.

I did not care that it was only an order of one piece or that it was just for a small profit (I decided to reduce the price since I was not selling). What made me excited was my idea and dream come to life. It is what I want to do. And it gives me hope and it is like a light at the end of the tunnel that it is possible. It is just the beginning. It is like that first dollar that you earn from Hubpages.

And that is what made this experience so Thrilling. Not the amount of money I made. But the experience of seeing a possibility. A light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how small it may be. It is a representation of something bigger.


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    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 4 months ago from India

      Never heard of this site tokopedia before. Will check it out. Good luck for online sales!