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Our Top 10 Items That Sell On eBay Or Amazon

Updated on October 21, 2016

Our Top Ten Selling Items For eBay or Amazon

One of the main questions on eBay forums by new sellers is "what should I sell on eBay"? to which they are usually told to "go away and do some research". We've been selling part time on eBay for over 16 years and have massed a multitude of items that we sell. In this hub I've listed our top ten selling items that we sell week after week and make a good profit on each and every one of them. Some of these are really popular and sell straight away others may sit on the shelf for a while but will eventually go. They're listed in no particular order and the profit form the different categories varies greatly. In Comments you can always add your own top items that you sell. Hope this helps someone, enjoy!

Number 1:- Top Trumps Card Games.

Top Trumps card games are very easy to sell and so easy to pick up. Rarely does a week go by without me picking up a set of top trumps. They are never going to be a major source of income. However they will be a constant source of income. Top Trumps are also very easy to list. Just set them as a template and these can be listed and up for sale within a couple of minutes.

The older vintage top trumps are now also becoming very collectible. Before you buy a deck Just make sure the set is complete. There should be 33 cards in a full deck and go as follows thirty playing cards, one deck identification and rules card, one bar code card and one Top Trumps advertisement card. Its not the end of the world if you only have the thirty playing cards they will still sell. They're just not worth as much.

Early Waddingtons Top Trumps

This set is from 1992 and sold very quickly they brought £5.00. Not a huge amount but when you consider I only paid 50p for them not bad either. Early Top Trumps can be difficult to find but are well worth is if you can get them at the right price.

Modern Top Trumps

Star Wars, no matter what the item is it will always sell. There is always someone looking out for it to add to their Star Wars collection. It also doesn't matter which film its from there is a collector for it. There is still Star Wars Top Trumps about about but I'm starting to notice fewer and fewer

No 2:- Nerf Guns & Accessories

I must have sold hundreds of Nerf Guns and accessories over the years. They are always really popular and like everything, there are collectors for Nerf guns

Some of the guns sell better then others The Long strike and Long Shot are always popular as are the automatic guns like the Havoc fire and the Stampede these guns will always bring very good money and sell straight away. Don't neglect the accessories there is always someone looking for spare clips/magazines or sights.

If you get a Nerf gun that isn't working, its not the end of the world. These can be broken down in component parts and each part sold off. This will sometimes bring more money than actually selling a complete working item.

The pistols don't sell as well I always bundle two or three together. If the guns have darts they will bring slightly more money but I usually find that selling them without darts is fine I don't go buying darts to put with a gun in order to sell it.

Nerf Havok Fire

I came so close to keeping this gun. I had to work really hard to remember we were running a business. The automatic Nerf guns are great fun and they fire the darts at an alarming rate and for a really good distance. The tripod of the Havoc Fire can be removed so you can use it like "Ol Painless" off the Predator movie. They do take a lot of batteries and they are very power hungry and go through the batteries nearly as fast as they fire the darts. These automatic Nerf guns will bring very good money and usually sell very easily. There is also a large parts market so none working guns can be stripped down and components sold off.

Nerf Pistols

These are not the best sellers and can stick around a bit . I've found the best way to add value is bundle two pistols together and sell them as one lot. The pistols are usually bought by relatives or friends for birthdays as an extra present or at Christmas so there is usually plenty of these about. You can pick these up really cheaply and like Top Trumps you'll never make a fortune out them but they will bring profit consistently.

No 3 Lego

The market for Lego is massive and there are sellers that specialize in just this one product. The problem with Lego is everyone knows its worth fortune. So buying it second hand at the right price can be difficult. I find its best to buy the sets of Lego and break them down. I find the Technical sets best to do this. The parts for these can be sold off individually. Even parts from the modern sets can be sold off like this. I then break down whats left into Kilo bags and sell it by the kilo. The large 32 pin X 32 pin Base boards are much sought after and a used one will usually sell for £10.00.

Lego Power Units, Motors & Gear Box's

Lego power units sell incredibly well. They can be few and far between but they are always sought after and command a very good used price. Even if the batteries have been left in which has corroded the terminals and the units doesn't work it will usually sell for parts. Motors and gear box's are also really popular.

32 X 32 Pin Lego Baseboard

The Lego baseboards sell well and usually bring around £10.00 without mush difficulty. I buy the Lego games and sell the baseboard on its own. The rest of the parts are added to a Kilo bag sale. The light Tan baseboards are very popular with Star Wars Modellers and they will pay a premium for these

No 4:- Plush/Soft Toys

This is a really undervalued and under used market and on that I exploit virtually every single week. You have to be a bit selective about which soft toys you buy but it constantly amazes me how cheaply these can be bought for and how much they can be sold for one eBay. The best ones are the well known characters of past TV shows video games or movies. These can be very collectible and valuable.

Video Game Characters

Sonic, Tails, Mario, Luigi & Yoshi These have all been immortalised in soft toys and they are all still are really popular with Collectors each character has there own collectors market. The beauty about is these soft toys is they are collected by video gamers and by soft toy collectors. They are still very easy to pick up from just about anywhere and as its a market that other resellers don't seem to bother with they can be purchased very cheaply. They are very easy to package as there is virtually nothing that can break.

Movie & TV Characters

Again each one of these has their own collectors market. Past TV shows and Movies are the best with old cartoons really popular. This one is Tomsk from The Wombles which was a British TV show in the 70's & early 80's. It has made a bit of a come back recently and the characters sell really well. There were Wombles soft toys about from the original show but these are very rare and bring big money by collectors. Soft toys New modern children's TV shows are now becoming very collectible with The Telly Tubbies, Thimbles & The Tweenies all becoming collectible. If you find a set of the four Tweenies these can bring upwards of £23.00.

Nic's Top Ten eBay Selling Lines

Nic is a full time eBay reseller here in the U.K. A really nice genuine guy who give information freely about what he sells and how he sells it. This is his top ten list. If sell on eBay or Amazon I strongly recommend you subscribe to his channel.

No 5:- Video Games, Consoles & Accessories

Another massive market and one you will always find a buyer for. Unfortunately this market is like Lego, so there is a lot of competition for the retro consoles like the N64, Game Cube, SNES, & Mega Drive. However the original Sony Playstation is now becoming harder to get hold of and holds s good second hand price. PS2's & especially Xbox's at the right price are now also more difficult to come by. There is still plenty of games for these two consoles especially the PS 2 so start to pick some of the games up the cheaper ones can be sold in bundles.

Games Consoles

Whenever you can, sell a games console as a bundle deal so the new buyer has everything they need to get it up and running. It will also make your console a lot more desirable. Also if your picking up console games you'll end up with quite number that are either scratched but still play or just are not worth selling on their own. These are games that you should bundle with the console. Football games are especially suitable for this as they bring a new game out every year and when a new game is released the previous seasons game is virtually worthless. Also if at all possible bundle up two controllers this will bring a much better price.

Video Console Games

The retro games market is huge and everyone who is involved in any way with Amazon or eBay know it and games for the retro consoles are now quite hard to come by unless your at a collectors fair in which case you'll be paying a premium for them. Games for the PS 2 and Xbox are still quite easy to find but as the retro games are now more difficult or expensive even a fair few of these games tittles are now starting to bring good money. The cheaper tittles should be bundled with consoles or if you have a few games that are in good condition make up a bundle deal with about twenty games

No 6:- Books

Books can be a bit of a mine field and if your going to make books a major source of income you really need to a complete lot of research and really understand the market. Amazon, Abe Books and eBay are flooded with every book imaginable. However this doesn't mean that you can't make money flipping them. You just have to be a little careful about what you buy, I personally have a tendency to go for popular fiction, self improvement & spiritual. Because I don't generalize I can focus on these three areas and know which ones are going to be good to invest in. With the popular fiction books I nearly always bundle a lot together to add value. However every so often I'll unknowingly come across a gem that I can sell on its own on Amazon. Audio books are always a good seller and hold a really good price second hand.

Self Improvement & Spiritual Books

These are always popular a lot of people read them once and then don't use the methods or just buy them because they look good on the book shelf. Popular authors that will sell are:- Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Norman Vincent Peale & Napoleon Hill. Spiritual books like Rhonda Bryne's The Secret Love it or hate it, sells really well. As does some books about Unexplained mystery's

Audio Books

Audio Books are great sellers. They're very easy to package and hold a second hand selling price really well. Unless you find quite an obscure title, try and stay clear from taped audio books. There is still plenty of them about but few people have anything to play them on. CD's audio books are nearly always in very good condition and might have only being played once or twice. It's usually a more mature person that buys audio books so they seem to be well looked after.

No 7:- Playsets

Early Learning Center's Happyland and Fisher Price Little People are my main purchases for this category. However I'll also buy or make up play sets from TV shows like Bob The Builder and Thomas The tank Engine. All these can be purchased very cheaply just about anywhere. When new, these sets are really expensive. However at Boot sales I've been to in the past I've purchased sets what would of cost £60.00 upwards new for a couple of pounds a few months later. Like all toys if the play set your looking at takes batteries they may have been left in and badly corroded the terminals. Carry a small screw driver to check this. If its the terminals are badly corroded, leave well alone as its really going to affect the selling price if you can sell it at all.

Fisher Price Little People

If you can find the original Fisher Price toys they are really sought after. The sets came from the early to mid 70's. Even the original little people characters can sell for a few pounds each. The modern Fisher Price Little People play sets are also very popular, sell really well and can command a good second hand price. At boot sales or garage sales rummage through the box's under the tables you will usually pick one or two modern little people characters for a few pence each up build up a collection of say ten to fifteen. Dependant on condition these should bring £10.00 to £15.00.

ELC Happyland Play Sets

Early Learning Center Happyland play sets are very expensive when new and are a really good quality. They also hold a good used price on eBay. There is some many different play sets from the Happyland series. From Medieval Forts to Rockets and Robots as well as farms, houses, complete rail and road systems. They can be all added to and will just continue to grow and grow. There is always someone looking to add to their child's set so ELC Happyland sets are always a good, easy sale.The characters can be picked up really cheaply I usually find these rummaging through box's under tables ate car boot sales. I build up about ten to twenty and sell them as a bundle

No 8:- CD's

Much like books the market is flooded with what is now quite old media. Also like books if this is going to be a major source of income plenty of research is required. There is still money to be made with CD's you just have to build as much value into your sale as you possible Check each CD's bar code on Amazon to find out what the current selling price is. I've found some quite rare gems this way that I've been able to sell on their own for quite a substantial profit. Some genres of music sell better than others. I personally find Metal, New Age and Classic rock sell the best and bring a better price.

Selling By Artist

If you have a number of CD's all by the same artist or group. Put them together and sell them as a bundle of say fifteen to twenty CD's. The same can be done by music genre. This builds excellent sale value and where sometimes you can only get a few pence per CD if you were selling them singly. Using this method should really ramp up the sale value per CD.

Now Music Collections

The Now That's What I Call Music series has a massive following and the early CD's, Albums and even tapes bring some amazing money on eBay. I buy them when ever I can. The CD's have to be in faultless condition. All the art work has to be complete and the price has to be right. Usually no more than 50p per album, but I will go more for the early ones. I then wait until I have a continuous run and sell them in sets of no less than six but no more than ten.

No 9:- DVD's & Blurays

Another massive flooded market. But again with careful selection there is profit. The only real thing to worry about is bootleg copies. Always be 100% sure that what your selling is the genuine article eBay and Amazon take a very dim view. Again build value to DVD's by grouping them together into genres such as Horror, Action & Comedy and sell them in packs of fifteen to twenty. Children's DVD's and Bluray's when grouped together hold a fairly good price. Obscure, old classic cult films and instructional DVD's sell well with some attracting a good price on both Amazon & eBay. Like cd's Use the Bar code to check prices on Amazon.

Obscure Sports DVD's

Always really popular are extreme sports DVD's and instructional sports DVD's.

Modern Bluray Movies

Although this media has now been around a few years it holds its price well and there is always some one looking for a movie they have seen. I personally find the Horror genre the best sellers

No 10:- Board Games

This is our top selling category on eBay or Amazon. We sell more board games than the rest of the categories put together. A really undervalued market and a product that second hand no one wants and you can pick up for virtually free or as good as. Some of the older board games are also now becoming very collectible and are quite valuable. When buying a game check all the contents are complete and its in a reasonable condition. Go for variants rather than mainstream so Rather than just Monopoly, Simpsons Monopoly is a lot better and brings a lot better price. Standard Monopoly's are quite cheap new and are everywhere.

Modern Board Games

The list of these is endless, Stay with the well known brands Hasbro, Drummond Park, MB Games, Parker Brothers. The vast majority of games sell and sell really well with lots of profit. If you get a board game that's missing the pieces can be broken down and sold off as spare parts. These is always someone looking to make theirs complete or add to it. This is especially true for vintage games such as the original red box Monopoly When people want to keep it original and want the original money houses or hotels or Cluedo. When one of the murder weapons, the lead pipe was actually lead. Scrabble the older tiles are slightly different colour. All the parts to these games will sell. its pain to list them but once you have them its just a case of relisting time after time.

Activety Board Games

Don't neglect games like Screwball Scramble. Buckaroo or Downfall. These games sell really well especially the older editions. Again spare parts sell well.

The Summary

The list I've given here is by no means exhaustive but all these items can be sold on eBay or Amazon and they are very easy for anyone to go out and pick up from a load of sources and they are cheap enough for anyone new to reselling to make a decent profit from.


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      8 months ago from The High Seas

      So happy to see The Wombles on here! I moved from Australia to the United States decades ago and, when I told people about the Wombles, they thought I was making it up!

    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 

      3 years ago from United States

      I've not sold much on ebay but do sell on Amazon. My son has had a rather good business selling Legos on Brickmasters. We found that when we were willing to ship internationally, we sold at some good prices. Great information!

    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Claudia Mitchell 

      3 years ago

      Interesting...I made quite a bit of money selling many of my daughter's toys on ebay. Also, her baby clothes were big sellers too. Never thought about plush toys though. I didn't think people would be interested in those.


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