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My favorite Job

Updated on March 14, 2010

I have had many jobs in my lifetime. Some great, some really left something to be desired. The very first job I ever had was at a five and dime store. You hardly see those anymore. I was hired to wrap gifts at Christmas for the buying customers. It was fun and I really enjoyed the people. Then I went to work for a library, this was also interesting as I love to read. But these were temporary jobs and didn't last long. After I had my oldest son I went to work for Dunkin' Donuts. I saw people from all walks of life early in the morning getting their morning caffeine. Many were very nice some were grumpy, but I enjoyed the job til we got closed down because the owner was delving in things across the counter that was illegal. That was a surprise for me and a bit scary too.

I then went to work for a new Kroger Signature Store that was opening just a few blocks from where I lived. I worked there for a year. That was before scanners, before the registers 'talked to you'. Everything was done manually, punch in the price and ring it up. Boy things have changed and how. It was a good learning experience for me as after that I had four little jobs working the cash register at some small family owned grocery stores.

We moved and I had to go back to work, this time I went to work on a road crew. I flagged traffic while they worked. You've seen those people, bright orange vest and flag in their hand. I was hit by a little old lady who I had stopped and she became to anxious and took off. It wasn't bad, she clipped my knee with her front bumper. I was stunned, but wasn't really hurt and she caused no accidents so I let it go. When that job ended so did my marriage. I moved again and found a job working as a timekeeper for a contractor in a industrial plant. I had to wear the work boots, hard hat, but no FRCs at that time. (Fire Retardent Clothing) Now if you work in a plant you have to wear them, it's mandatory. I worked shut downs, sometime 16 hour days, run home sleep a bit, go back to work. I was in my late 20s then, even being young those kind of work hours will wear you down. The money was good back then for a woman to make and there weren't many women in this field of work. Today there are women working in all the plants across the country. It was hard working the hours I worked when I had a young son at home. But you have to do what you have to do to keep the bills paid and groceries on the table. Contract workers rarely have any kind of real benefits. But it was a job and sufficed for the time being. But when the job is over you are out looking again.

After I met my youngest sons Dad I went to work for a bait camp/fishing pier. I cooked hamburgers and french fries and served people again. People that are fishing always seemed to be in a good mood. Easy going and ready to always to get back to their rod and reel. I enjoyed meeting the people and watch the many fish, big and small, that were caught over that time. It was interesting, to say the least. It was during this job that I was offered my favorite of all jobs.

I was hired at a flower shop to make deliveries. The pay wasn't all that great but I loved the job. It always made my heart feel good to deliver flowers and see the look on the recipients face. Flowers will do that to people, I don't care who you are. On tv, in movies you see women throwing flowers in the trash because someone has sent flowers that they were angry with. I never saw one person that didn't break into a smile when I delivered flowers to them. I have seen them cry, but they were happy tears. Valentines day and Mother's Day are the biggest days for flowers of the year. And it's crazy getting them all delivered on time. But I did it and loved every minute of it. I took classes in Floral arrangement and managment. I worked up to doing some design work, but mainly delivered. I have made flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnnieres, mums for homecoming, corsages, decorated trellises for weddings and made Christmas, Fall, and Spring wreaths for many. I love to go into a Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann's, and any flower shop, and walk through the floral department and just smell the fragrance. Sadly the people I worked for sold the shop and the new owners had their own crew. I haven't worked in a flower shop since. I have done weddings, graduations and birthday parties on my own from time to time. But my passion would be to own my own flower shop one day. Flowers make people happy and I do love that, it does my heart good to see a smile on someones face with flowers in their hand.

Since then I have worked in a fabulous fabric store, I have sewn since I was 8, so this too was right up my alley, all those different fabrics and customers that I was able to help. What fun that was. And then in the vending business for 6 years. First filling vending machines, then training people to fill them, then training new vendors to service, program and maintain there machines. It can be a tough job and time consuming til you get used to it. It is a interesting business but nothing compares to the flower business in my eyes. That is my all time favorite job, with the fabric store second. Maybe one day I will have a flower shop and you will come in to order, you will get the best service ever, with a smile, and your flowers will be delivered with tender loving care. See you there!!



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