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My personal testimony with taking Zeal

Updated on June 6, 2012
Zeal 30 day canister
Zeal 30 day canister
Canister with sample bottle also know as "on the go bottle"
Canister with sample bottle also know as "on the go bottle"

What is Zeal?

"Zeal Wellness is an all-in-one natural nutritional drink. Zeal
Wellness is a synergistic blend of whole food concentrates
providing an excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants and
vitamins that enrich, restore, and protect you body at the cellular

How I got introduced to Zeal Wellness

It was around the holidays of 2011, I was waiting for my shift to begin at work. I got into a discussion about making money and getting healthy. I was honestly a bit reserved about it. I thought it was some diet pill product. I didn't want to mess with pill/tablet based products. Since I'm open minded, I finally met up with my co-worker at a diner to talk more about it and what the real deal was.

I finally tasted Zeal in the sample bottle size that they come in. I didn't initially like the taste at first because I felt like it was too "mediciney". It tasted like a cough medicine at first to me! LOL I said to myself, "well my body will get used to it a few drinks of Zeal". On my fourth drink of Zeal I noticed it.

My personal testimony regarding Zeal

As mentioned above, After my fourth time drinking Zeal, I noticed the benefits. The very first benefit was I felt this sense of confidence flow through me. I had class that morning so I thought it would be a fun idea to take it for a test drive so to speak. I walked through the halls of my campus with a sense of pride and confidence. I felt no anxieties, fears, worries, nervousness, or anything like that. I didn't even sweat! In class, I felt so tuned into everything my government 1301 professor what lecturing about. Nothing was distracting me whatsoever!

After leaving class, again I walked through with pride and confidence. I'm feeling so good! Why couldn't I take this months ago?! I wish this was created years ago when I REALLY DID NEED IT MORE THAN NOW! I used to suffer from pretty bad social anxiety. From all what I have experienced from taking Zeal, hearing personal testimonies from others around me who take Zeal, I feel people need this and I feel for those who suffer from any kind of anxiety, they could really benefit from this!

Some other benefits I have noticed after being on Zeal for a little while was that I did not "binge eat". Binge eating is basically eating out of boredom/spite. Also eating just to beat the blues. I only ate when I was really hungry. Whenever I felt tired, after a little while after taking Zeal, I felt alert and non-tired. I was not jittery of course! A lot of people think this might make them jittery. I don't get hyper or jittery and I have not heard of anyone getting that way after drinking it. Of course everyone's body is different.

Is Zeal right for you?

I don't know everyone in the world, let alone where I live. Zurvita, the company that produces the Zeal, makes no claims whatsoever that is a "cure" or anything of the sort. It hasn't been evaluated by the FDA either. If you have any medical conditions, please always consult with your doctor before taking a supplement.

Aside from that, you could start off slow by taking a sample bottle or half a scoop of Zeal if you know someone who has Zeal or visit Zurvita's website for me or you can personally message me. You may not feel anything til after the first one, or the second maybe not even til after the first couple you have. Everyone's body is different. Take me for example, I did not notice any benefits until my fourth time drinking Zeal. I felt confident and focused! I really feel like this should have been created years ago!


I feel this product without a doubt in my mind and heart, that this is the number one health based product on the market. I wish I could say that Zeal will cure and can cure illness, get people off medicines, eat healthier and all the other things we humans as a whole should be doing so we can live healthy and happy lives but I can not.

This is something, by however means you can should try! Zeal for life!

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