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Myers Online Job Application

Updated on May 22, 2011

Applying Online for a Job with Myer

Myer uses the tag line “Myer is My Store” for a good reason. Many scores of people visit Myer due to its excellent selection of clothing and a great many other retail apparel items. Of course, a large volume of customers mean there will always be a demand for store personnel. In other words, there will always be job opportunities available. However, you will need to apply more than once in order to be selected for a position. After all, there will be many other people applying for a job with the company.

This is also why it is best to use the Myers online job application process. The process is much easier and you do not run into the problem of dealing with your physical hardcopy application being lost among a stack of files. No, when you submit your application to Myer online, it goes directly where it needs to be and does so instantaneously. Also, you can save the necessary information and resubmit different revised versions of the application as opposed to rewriting a completely new application. Needless to say, submitting the application online is a much less involved and much more streamlined process.

The process involves filling out mandatory personal information that clearly identifies who you are to the hiring personnel. The will need to have your contact information and a clear idea of what position you are applying for in order to properly process the application. After all, if they want to call you in for an interview, you will want them to know where to contact you! So, be sure to provide the right information in as clear a manner as possible.

You will also be provided with an opportunity to upload your resume along with your personal information. Many find the ability to submit a resume far preferable to filling out a company application. Application forms are all cut from the same mold which undermines the ability to add your own personal style to the presentation of your background. As such, being permitted to submit your actual resume is a huge positive for those whose resume is impressive.

This does not mean, however, you should submit a generic resume that is not tailored to the specifics of Myer. A flat, generic resume never really promotes the means in which your background properly reflects your ability to do the job. That is why you will to craft your current resume into a “Myer” resume. Of course, you will also need to tweak your resume slightly for each job you apply for. This does not mean that you will need to completely revise the resume. You will simply need to alter the resume to promote the individual skills that properly promote you for the specific job. Sound easy? If so, it is because it is.

Myer is an excellent department store to work for. That is why it is necessary to apply for a job in the best way possible. This means you are better off applying online since it may deliver great results.


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    • profile image

      roozbeh 5 years ago

      hi im life guared ond i need eny job who can help me send me emile im frome iran

      olso is beter send for skyp this is my skyp ghaemshahr_1

    • profile image

      Danielle dy 5 years ago


      Looking for a part - full time position in the sydney METRO or south west areas in retail to stocktake assistance to start a new working environment and to met people. I have a fun and positive energy and keen for a challenge .