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Mylot does not pay well but you can make pennies

Updated on December 30, 2009

Is Mylot worth your time

 Mylot is a website that pays you too start and comment on discussions. The more topics you start the more money you can make. The more comments you leave on other members' discussions the more money you can make. Sounds lovely and very easy right? Well too make decent money on Mylot is not easy to do and it is difficult too make money on Mylot, in my opinion. You will be lucky to make ten cents a day on this website.

However there is a way you could possibly make some money on Mylot. The last time I checked Mylot paid members when they got other people to join the site and they are actively participating on Mylot. So if you can get a lot of referrals and they are active on the site than maybe you can make decent money on the website but I would not hod my breathe.

So the final verdict on Mylot is if you are looking for serious money than Mylot is not for you. There are many other sites out there that actually pay you a lot more than what Mylot does. If you like to write and join discussions than go right ahead and check out the site and have fun.


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