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What is Near Field Communication and RFID tag

Updated on December 16, 2011

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QR codes can be used with Near Field Communications and RFID Tag
QR codes can be used with Near Field Communications and RFID Tag | Source

What is Near Field Communication? The uses for near field communications (NFC) are exploding thanks to the popularity of today's smart phones. Near field communication technology, using RFID tag, enables users to easily perform a variety of tasks. These tasks include making payments via a smart card with a RFID tag or simply with their phone with an embedded RFID tag. The use of near field communications does not stop with payments; it includes accessing medical records, purchasing tickets, and using smart objects. Let’s explore the many uses of near field communications.

Near Field Payments with RFID Tag

So, what is Near Field Communication? The biggest use of near field communications is in allowing contact-less payments with the use of a RFID tag. Visa and Master Card have already launched credit cards with Radio Frequency Identification, (RFID) tags in the credit card. This allows customers to simply hold their credit card up to a special reader and have the amount of their purchase charged to their card without the need for swiping the card.

Today, software programs are available for near field communications equipped smart phones to charge a purchase to a credit, debit, or gift card. The user selects their preferred payment method and swipes their phone by the payment reader. The amount of their purchase is charged or deducted from their account automatically without the need to swipe a payment card.

Smart Objects

What is Near Field Communication? NFC includes the use of Smart objects. Smart objects have a RFID tag imbedded in them. This RFID tag provides information such as a URL, phone number, or links to audio or video. The user simply scans the marked RFID tag with their phone to get the latest information from this object. These tags can be placed at bus stops allowing a user access to the schedule. These RFID tag can also be placed in stores with information about products and sales, and at theaters and events for ticket information and pricing.

Medical Records and Vital Information

What is Near Field Communication? NFC is easy access to information such as medical records. RFID tag can be used to keep track of treatment for patients. Medical professionals can scan a RFID tag on a patient or in a patient’s phone to access a secure server with their medical records. Medical professionals can also swipe the tag to update who has visited with the patient, what they did, and enter diagnosis and treatment plans.

This will allow medical professionals to not only keep records but they can see what medications the patient has been prescribed, what the patient is allergic to, and what medical conditions the patient is being treated for. This can improve the quality of medical care for patients. This is all made possible with the use of a RFID tag.

Paperless and Instant Tickets

What is Near Field Communication? NFC is communication payment information. RFID tag can be used along with advertising to purchase items such as tickets to movies or events. A user can see an advertisement for a movie on a sign. Using a NFC enabled phone they can hold the phone up to the advertisement to get more information about the film, where it is showing, show times, and the option to purchase a ticket.

When the user arrives at the theater or event, they can use their NFC enabled phone to be scanned at the event instead of buying a paper ticket and handing it to an usher

Keeping in Touch: Social Media

What is Near Field Communication? NFC is the technology allowing us to easily stay in touch with family and friends. NFC has wide application in social media. Users can use their NFC enabled device to scan a smart objects RFID tag to “Check in,” at a location. This can be automatically posted to their Facebook profile or on a site such as Foursquare. Users can also share their social media profile with others by simply touching NFC devices.

What is Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication is an emerging technology trend that allows the transfer of information with out making contact with an object. It is easier and faster than traditional methods. As Near Field Communication begins catching on, we can expect to see more options for NFC payments. We will also be seeing more smart objects providing advertisements and information for products and events. Soon Near Field Communication will become a part of our daily lives.


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