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Nail Salon & Nail Technician Marketing Ideas - Word of Mouth Advertising

Updated on September 11, 2017
Are Your Clients Spreading the Word about Your Business?
Are Your Clients Spreading the Word about Your Business?

Nail Salon & Nail Technician Marketing - What are Your Clients Saying About You?

Word of mouth advertising is said to be the most powerful form of advertising. There's nothing like someone you serviced telling their friend or family member about the service they got from you and recommending you.

This friend or family member is getting a first hand live testimonial from a trusted source. That is a powerful weapon in the advertising world.This is something no written ad can do.

Even though word of mouth advertising has somewhat crossed over into the internet world with social networking sites, there's still nothing like getting a live referral from a friend or family member you trust.

When beauty techs think of word of mouth advertising, they often make the mistake of simply hoping their clients will tell others about them. This however, is only a small piece of what word of mouth advertising is all about.

If you want your clients to start telling others about you, you have to set it up so they will do just that. You have to make it so your clients are talking about your great services effortlessly! Word of mouth advertising is more than hoping your clients will tell others about you. It's about making it so they will.

Getting Your Word of Mouth Campaign Going Strong

Word of mouth advertising has to be strategically set up to generate a large amount of referrals. There are marketing techniques you can use to get people talking about you, creating a buzz about you and wanting to send people to see you.

One of these techniques is by offering a referral program that reward your clients with a free gift, service or discount when they send people to you. However, there are some "things" you need to have in place before you even attempt this program and get the kind of results you want.

In the next section, we will review these "things",

The Nail Salon & Nail Tech Marketing Strategy

In this section we will go over the "things" you need to have in place in order for your word of mouth campaign to work.

Lets start by taking a look a the questions below. These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself about your beauty business.

1. Is your business different from the other salons? I mean why should they come to you versus going somewhere else? If your business offers no unique service try offering services that other nail shops or beauty shops are not.

2. Does your salon have an ambiance that is pleasing. In other words, is it cluttered, unorganized giving folks the illusion of not a place to come if you want to be pampered. Or does it have a spa like feel where people come to get pampered and want to unwind, for example.

3. What kind of experience do you give your clients. Are you offering a spa-like hand massage? Do you serve a beverage with a twist of lime while they are being serviced. When they come in to see you, can they not wait to come back for their next appointment?

These are just some examples of what you need in your beauty business to make your referral program work the way it should. You see, people are more than happy to refer others and stay with you when they are getting exceptional service that goes over and beyond what the typical nail salon & beauty salons are doing.

These things must be in place if you want people to talk about you. No one talks about a business that gives just the typical day to day service. People talk about exceptional service and they do even without being told to do so. This is what makes word of mouth advertising work.

Setting up a word of mouth campaign is not hard. It just takes the right know how to get your clients referring people to you like crazy. Word of mouth advertising works for anybody that knows how to do it properly. It's the most powerful form of advertising there is and should not be overlooked.

If you would like Tips on how to get your clients referring more people to you with referral programs, sign up for my 6 Figure Nail Technician Beauty Marketing Boot Camp.

You'll learn even more Nail Salon and Nail Technician Marketing strategies to become a Top Beauty Tech or Business and have folks raving about you!

6 Figure Nail Technician & Cosmetologist Boot Camp

Much Success!

Candace Harrison


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