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Nanny Jobs ... Keeper Of The Family! ... Network for Nannies and Families

Updated on March 19, 2011

A Special Member Of The Family

It means a lot to some to have a truely caring Nanny to care for their children. Most homes that require a Nanny seek that special person who loves kids, loves keeping a home together, and loves to see a smooth, clean running home.

This hub was created for Nannies to comment, and connect with possible leads on jobs, as well as Families to inquire, voice their conserns, and also link up with potential candidates.

Each time a new Nanny, or Family joins in on the hub, there will be that much more exposure for both to connect with what they're searching for.

Let's help keep the "Fabric Of Family" together, and assist families, and Nannies any way we can.

If you know of a Family looking for a Nanny/House Keeper...Please Post it here.

If you know of a Nanny Looking for a Family...Please Post it here.

This is a cooperative effort in assisting people in finding thengs they need. As well as making sure all of our kids are well taken care of.

We are a large group of Networkers who may be able to help you connect with what you need.

We will continuously add new Links to the Hub as we verify them, and check them out.

Thanks in advance for your support! :)

P.S. There is a huge variety of Great Items below, especially for Kids. At our company we do Price Chasing for the best values on our items we use all the time. I did the same for each of these items as well. Realizing of course Prices are always subject to change, I'm sure.


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