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Ways To Help The Elderly

Updated on March 16, 2015

Ever since I was a child, I always had so much respect for the elderly. I wanted to help them in any way that I could, so I started volunteering. When I was old enough to work, I eventually got a job working in a nursing home. Working with the elderly has taught me a lot about having compassion for other people. I have also gained a lot of wisdom and advice from them as well. Here are some ways that you can help the elderly.

Nursing Homes And Retirement Communities

Volunteering at a nursing home or retirement community is one way that you can help the elderly. You may only have to give a few hours of your time per week or month to help out. Sometimes there are lonely people in nursing homes who would be happy to get a visitor. You could start out by contacting a nursing home in your area and asking if they are in need of any volunteers. Some nursing homes have websites that post volunteer opportunities as well.

Besides visiting with patients, you could also help them with fun activities. Nursing homes have activities, such as Bingo, to keep the seniors active and busy. You might help with calling out the numbers for Bingo or helping them to mark their Bingo cards. Another volunteer activity would be transporting patients to and from different locations in the nursing home. Some patients are in wheel chairs and may need to be transported to the dining room or activity center.

Meals On Wheels

You may want to volunteer for Meals on Wheels if it is offered in your area. You can help to deliver meals to elderly people and spend a little time with them. You may also be able to help out in the kitchen by preparing the meals. Meals on Wheels may also need help with clerical work. You can find more about Meals on Wheels by going to their website, which is at

Elderly Relatives Or Neighbors

You may know some elderly relatives or neighbors who are lonely or are in need of help. Some elderly people may have trouble with daily activities. If you know any elderly people who are lonely, you may want to visit and spend time with them. Some elderly people do not drive and have no way of getting out of the house. Here are some things that you can do for an elderly person who is lonely or in need of help.

•Go through old photo albums together and reminisce.
•Play some old songs that they used to listen to.
•Ask questions about how life was when they were growing up.
•Listen to their stories.
•Assist with chores, such as cleaning, food shopping or cooking.
•Drive them to a doctor's appointment.
•Take them out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.
•Watch a movie together.
•Send greeting cards to brighten up their day.
•Call them on the phone and ask how they are doing.


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