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Network marketing - the myths cleared

Updated on June 4, 2011

Let me clarify that I am not here to promote any affiliate program or any product. My intention of creating this Hub is only to share my insights and experience about well known MLM form of business which also otherwise known as network marketing.

My personal experience with network marketing

MLM which is often referred by people as spamy pyramid schemes is one of the most flourishing and promising industry. MLM i.e. multi level marketing is rather (in its true sense) called network marketing or direct distribution. It means marketing and distributing through your personal network.

I had joined a network marketing company a year back. It was the no.1 MLM establishment in my country (I will not name it as I had said I am not here to promote or criticize any particular network marketing company). I joined it instantly when I was offered so by a friend of mine. I had to pay a nominal registration fee and had to buy few products to complete the enrollment process. I was given many videos and audio CD’s which contained the success stories of the people who made a fortune being into the network of that company. At first I was mesmerized and was extremely enthusiastic to take a leap and start going for it. I straight away began with the campaign to build my down line, with my friend who enrolled me. I made a list of my contacts as asked by my up line friend and contacted them to fix an appointment so that We can acquaint them with this exciting opportunity. At first I went to my own mother’s brother’s house with my friend to show the plan. I was excited till I had reached there. As soon as we completed showing the exciting plan of this opportunity, to my amazement my mother’s brother already knew about it. Well not only that but he also had joined it earlier and left. He started criticizing my company and the network marketing system. We had to leave with nothing but lots of –ve comments. I was disheartened. The one who enrolled me was strongly confident and he consoled me and restored my enthusiasm saying that this was just a first step. I agreed. We went to 15 other contacts all one by one but unfortunately had the same and similar response as I have had at my mother’s brother’s place. I decided to discontinue. I was dejected. However, my up line friend was still equally enthusiastic but I started feeling as if he is just dragging the cart. We campaigned for a month and no enrollments. I was even furious at the same time, why the hell are people closing their eyes for such a great business plan. I felt it’s the end of this and I discontinued (took a break).

One fine day

while surfing the internet about some ‘make money online’ websites I encountered a video speaking about network marketing. I decided to watch it. It was not much long. I have embedded that video below. Watch it once before reading further. It is worth a watch (not a wrist watch of Course!)


To be very honest, my main temptation in creating a hub on this topic was to share the above video. After watching this video I decided that I will re-begin my campaign with more enthusiasm and confidence. I have the answers for all the complains I had and seen people having with the network marketing system on a whole.

I am anxiously awaiting your comments on this hub, especially on the video that I have embedded here. Please do leave your valuable comments before leaving this hub. Thanks.


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    • profile image

      dilip joshi 6 years ago

      The best product & the proper training to sell it,makes you ever successful networker.

    • sensu0s profile image

      sensu0s 7 years ago

      Thanks Shanaya...

      @Benefits of Military Loans Thanks...

    • profile image

      Benefits of Military Loans 7 years ago

      Getting the best company is the right thing to do and with the right products that people needs. But products aimed soley for making money and business opportunity will not make much money

    • shanaya profile image

      shanaya 8 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

      NICE HUB....:)

    • sensu0s profile image

      sensu0s 8 years ago

      Thanks Neil!

    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very nice article. Good info.. enjoyed reading your hub very much.. MLM is a tough business so good luck and keep the faith! Neil

    • sensu0s profile image

      sensu0s 8 years ago

      thats right.

      strong self-motivation and self-belief along with the right company offering quality products is the key to success in network marketing.

      thanks oderog for leaving such a valuable comment.

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Great hub but MLM are not pyramid scheme, but a model of doing business. Am sure even writing online might be frustrating and one would really refer to it as a pyramid scheme that do not make money. Network Marketing works but you need a compelling reasons to succeed in network marketing otherwise even with the help of your upline with less internal motivation from you will never succeed in network marketing. Getting the best company is the right thing to do and with the right products that people needs. But products aimed soley for making money and business opportunity will not make much money